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Merriest of Christmases

31 Dec Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Merriest of Christmases
Merriest of Christmases

December was a big month for us. Of course, Christmas is big for everyone, and I don’t know if anyone loves Christmas as much as Dovy and I do, however, we had something else really important going on: Anjali’s baptism. What an incredible day for a parent, to see your child make an incredible decision, go forward, and have a beautiful day doing it. Anjali has always been nervous to put her head underwater. She was tested as having “high sensory needs” when she was in preschool, getting help with her speech. We have been very mindful of these things for her. Putting her head underwater was very nerve-wracking for her, and even though we talked a lot about it and tried to practice, she struggled with the concept. However, on the day of her baptism, I sent her down into the water with a huge smile on her face. She went down, the ordinance was performed, and she came back up to me with the biggest of smiles. She didn’t seem phased at all. I know the Lord truly blessed her. I could almost see her entire countenance glowing. It is a moment I absolutely will never forget. She was precious and beautiful and sacred. So, so proud of her.

The holiday season proved to be quite intense. We ended up having surprise family visitors for Christmas, and although we usually do a pretty quiet, at-home Christmas, we had a lot of family around. It was crazy and fun and we were exhausted, but felt very loved and all homey at our favorite time of year.