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21 Jun Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Summertime

Aaaand it’s almost been two months since I posted.  Oops.  Life is just different now that I have five kiddos, a small business, and a crazy busy husband.  I also started an online course to renew my teaching license.  It’s an art class and I was supposed to enjoy it, but the summer hasn’t been leisurely at all, so I find myself scrambling to get it done a lot of the time.  It’s really fun to find that I have a little bit of knack for drawing.  I didn’t really know it, as the only class I took in developing my artistic side was in 7th grade for one term.  If I feel really brave, I’ll think about posting some stuff when the class is over.  :)

Kids are out of school now, which means that I’m more busy and also less so.  I can sleep in a bit; the girls have been taught how to get bottles for the babies in the morning now – score! – but I have been working on running a tighter ship so the kids can actually learn some work during the summer, keep up with French and letters and math and whatnot, and still have fun.  We bought new bikes yesterday and the kids love them!  They were in some serious need and Anjali looks several years older on hers.  It’s strange to see them growing up so quickly.  Elli learned how to ride a bike without training wheels, as well, and she inherited Anjali’s old Princess bike.  (She earned a new Frozen helmet instead of a new bike.)

We all got some serious colds, and mine turned into a sinus infection rather quickly.  This was a blessing, though, as I have been trying to catch a cold since my last ENT appointment.  In order to schedule surgery, I needed to have a CT scan with a cold.  They wanted to know exactly how bad things got when I was sick in order to decide what needed to be operated on.  Apparently, pretty bad. The list is long: septoplasty (because I am completely blocked on the right side of my nose), rhinoplasty (to widen my breathing space and file down the random bump on my schnoz), turbinate reduction (they will actually cut a slit between my nostrils and lift my nose off my face to do all that, cut flaps in my nose and shave all the turbinates down before putting them back down again), sinus reduction (file down all four sinuses to allow for ample swelling during allergic reactions), tonsillectomy (I’m terrified), and possibly adenoidectomy.  I’m not so sure I want to do the tonsils, as I’ve heard it’s absolutely horrible to recover from, but I’m also worried about slight possibility of damage to my singing voice.  On the flip side, I’m not so sure I want to get all of this done, still have problems, and need to have the tonsils taken out anyway.  Not decided on that, but surgery is scheduled now and I get to decide for it takes place.  Yay.

My brother is doing well in rehab.  His stay has been extended to help him through more things, but I am really proud of him.  He has stayed sober the entire time and I feel that our relationship  is getting better.  The children have absolute unconditional love for him, and it’s beautiful to see them love him and want to see him.  They draw pictures for him weekly.  Except for Girls’ Camp last week (yup, I left Dovy with all five kids and could not call/no internet the whole time – we were in the boonies) I’ve talked to or seen my brother each week since he went in.  I’m really proud of his progress and am sincerely hoping he continues to do well.  Thank you to each of your for your support and prayers.  It means the world to us.