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01 Mar Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Incentivize

I have now sat down four different times to try and finish this post.  It’s been one crazy month, but we knew that when we were getting into it, and well, here we are!  At the end of January, I found the opportunity for us to take a trip to go down to St. George/Las Vegas area.  I have some family in St. George and my brother is in Las Vegas.  As an extra bonus, we were able to see a few friends, too.  It was so awesome to see everyone!  Thanks for having us and putting up with our little crazies.

Since then, our house has been food/baking central.  The BIG Kahuna wedding cake order is this week.  I am STOKED about it!  It’s for my ever-dear cousin, Laura, and we are driving out to Denver this week so we can attend and I can construct the cake.  It’s going to be crazy, but I can’t wait to have it all done and be there and see her big day!

When we get back, I have less than a week to pull Pie Palooza together – on the most epic of days: 3.14.15.  It isn’t going to get more epic than that!  (You know, 3.14159265359…)  Get it, right?

The twins are teething but we are hanging in there with that.  Anjali and Elli are doing well at school.  We have incentive charts to keep them on track.  Anjali just earned a date with Daddy at the rollerskating rink and Elli won a make-up kit of her very own.  Link has been working on staying dry and he is getting an airplane, most likely tomorrow.  Nothing like incentivizing.  Woot!

Dovy has an awesome job and is working great hours with consistent pay, so I couldn’t be happier about that.  It feels great to be solid for a while.  I’m thankful for his abilities and constant hard work.  Yay, Daddy!