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2,015 Blessings

28 Jan Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on 2,015 Blessings
2,015 Blessings

The year is in full force!  If you are getting to this blog for the first time because you received our “after-Christmas card,” welcome!  I used to update weekly, but as a busy mother of five with a side business, I get to it about once a month now.  Enjoy years of posts or just look forward to future.

We started school back up again, finished unpacking our new house, and have started settling into life more.  The twins now sleep about 10-12 hours through the night, so I feel like I’m able to get more accomplished.  We started on our weight-loss journey (again) and have both lost about 10-11 pounds during the month of January.  I’ve decided that I don’t ever want to count calories ever again.  I’ve done it too much and I’m really over it.  Instead, I walk or do the treadmill for about half an hour a day, have a pedometer that I watch vigilantly, eat as many fruits and veggies with small protein snacks throughout the day, and make whatever I want for dinner – as long as I only have one helping.  It has really helped!  I’m losing weight steadily.  It makes me really happy that I keep on plugging away, even though it’s super hard to constantly work on losing weight.  Ugh.

The kids are thriving in school and absolutely love our new home.  It is so beautiful and fun to be in!  We feel so blessed that we were able to make this move.

On the subject of Graham-Bam: he is still on antibiotics and frankly, the doctors are so baffled by him, no one has any idea what will happen to him when he comes off.  So, we’re still waiting the treatment out.  He takes penicillin twice a day orally, an acid reflux med, and a probiotic to help with the fact that he has very little good flora in his guts.  Poor little guy.  No one would ever know what he’s been through or what he still deals with just by looking at him.  He’s super interactive, smiley, and curious.  He’s also learning how to manipulate – ha!  Well, cause and effect, anyway.  (“If I cry really pathetically, Mommy will come, or at least give me a new toy.”)

I’m back into cake-making, so if you ever need one, let me know!  I’ve perfect several new tiered cakes: German Chocolate, Red Velvet, Lemon Poppyseed, Vanilla Bean, Butter, Carrot with Cream Cheese Frosting, and Chocolate.  They are all awesome and yummy and I love decorating!  It’s a lot of fun.

A huge blessing fell in our laps almost two weeks ago.  Dovy was in need of a definite job.  He was called by a company out of the blue who asked him to come in for an interview.  He went through the process, but before it was all over, he had a fellow programmer contact him.  They offered him an incredible part-time job that we couldn’t refuse.  It’s perfect for us because he still gets to work from home, we don’t have to come off our current health plan, he works part-time and makes what we need to subsist, and he gets to work on all of his other product development.  I’m so proud of him and excited to see how it works out as time goes by.  They have already asked if he’d like to go on full-time.

Dovy was called as the Ward Financial Clerk this last Sunday.  I am still working in Young Women and love it.  Church keeps us busy, but not too busy.  :)

We are so grateful and can’t believe the many blessings we have experienced.  We could probably count more blessings than the very year we are in.  We can’t believe all that has helped us and enriched us this year.  Looking forward to this year!

Love to everyone and all things cheesy.  But, really.  We mean it.