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Christmas and Beyond

31 Dec Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Christmas and Beyond
Christmas and Beyond

This was definitely our busiest December yet.  We closed on both houses (officially) on the 4th of December.  We had hoped for the 2nd, and we did go in and sign, but our buyers were delayed and nothing was final until the 4th.  I began packing like crazy.  I had already done a lot of preliminary packing and de-junking, so it was fairly straightforward, but I couldn’t have done it without the help of our friends and ward members.  The Young Women made packing a Mutual Activity one night, too.  On the evening of the 17th, some sweet sisters came over to help me finish the last few things and tidy up.  As we were wiping down the counters, I received a phone call from Laurie, a representative from Select Health (our insurance) that had been helping us with our formula appeals.  She told me that she had finally been able to approve our appeal and that we would have $1,000 worth of formula on our doorstep within the next two days.  Tears came to my eyes right then.

Now, let me give you some background.  Dovy’s job and business finally reached its end as of last March 2014.  The contract was over and Dovy ended up doing a lot of freelance work.  Through the grace of those around us and small freelance jobs, we were able to make it through the year.  When the twins were born, Dovy dropped everything and took care of the kids (along with other dear friends) while I was in the NICU.  Over the course of the next 2 1/2 months, what with all of our hospital stays, late nights with two babies, and uncertainty, Dovy didn’t get in a lot of work for a while.  When this whole house-selling/buying business came into play, we were shocked that things worked out as they did.  It was a good thing that our previous year’s salary had looked so solid.  Anyway, we really felt that we needed to move to this new home, so we signed contracts and entered the loan agreement.  As such, we also signed an affidavit committing us to not accrue any more debt.  We didn’t have much (student loans and a very small credit card) but we were not at liberty to buy anything on credit during the entire loan process, which lasted more than a month.  This became exceptionally problematic when a client didn’t end up sending a check (STILL waiting on that one, actually) and we had to keep on paying for the twins’ formula.  It was $50/can and only lasted three days for ONE twin, so it was really difficult to keep footing the bills on our own.

Another little background.  During my pregnancy, I was assigned a specialist that would call and check on me and generally make sure the pregnancy was going well.  After I gave birth to the babies, I was assigned a post-partum specialist.  Her name was Laurie.  The specialist calls up to six weeks after your pregnancy to make sure you’re adjusting and don’t need any more assistance. Laurie was an angel because she kept on checking on me every few weeks, as every time she checked on me, we happened to be back in the hospital with Graham.  Every phone call started with, “I see you’re back in the hospital with Graham… again.”  It was hard, but she was so sweet and helpful through everything.  She listened to me talk about everything and continued to make sure we were okay.  About November, I received another call.  (Right after Primary’s this time.)  I told her we had had our formula appeal rejected twice.  We were told that if we had a prescription from a physician, we could get the formula covered by insurance.  About this time, we had signed the affidavit and could not charge the formula on our card.  It was a little tight there for a while.  Somehow, we made it, Laurie made calls, and we continued to work on it on our end.

Finally, the week before we moved, Laurie called again.  The conversation went close to this, “So, guess what?  I have officially just changed jobs.  I am now in charge of approving enteral nutrition appeals.”  That meant she would be the one to approve our formula request!  She told me she was on it and would get back to me as soon as she could.  And the story comes back to the evening of the 17th when Laurie called to tell me that she had just approved my request.

Small miracles and large ones.

We have seen them all this year.  Time and time again.

We absolutely love being in our new home.  It took about two weeks to get everything unpacked and in place.  We are still so in shock by the grandeur of our home.  We love it!  We miss our old home and the memories we made there, and we’ll never forget that it helped us to where we are, but we’re grateful we made the choice to sell it.  We had always wanted to keep it and rent it out.  That was our intent when we bought it.  But, this has been a rollercoaster ride in trusting and putting faith in the Lord.  It was definitely what we needed to do.  We’re still reconciling ourselves to the fact that we just tied ourselves down in Provo, but that’s okay.

We’re here and we’re ready.