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So, I found this file of pictures…

01 Nov Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on So, I found this file of pictures…
So, I found this file of pictures…

Oops.  Guess I prepared all these pics and never posted them.  I went to open up a new folder to post a new slew of pics and saw that these were still sitting there.  In case you didn’t know, life got crazier since I posted last.

So, in September, I did a wedding cake for a friend.  She and her husband had come to the hospital and helped us out when the twins were in the NICU.  She also watched Calvin and our other kids several times while Dovy and I were in the hospital with Graham.  I wanted to help her out because she had done so much for us.  I already had a lot of the supplies made and in stock, so she agreed.  Two days before the reception, she brought over ribbon for the cake and I asked how she was doing.  “Oh, crazy.  We just decided to sell our house.”  Without even thinking, I said, “I want your house!”  She did a double take and asked, “Seriously?”  For a split second, I had a conversation with myself, “What?!  We’re leaving Utah.  What are you saying?  No way!”  But I heard myself say, “Yes, I’m serious.”

Well, in a nutshell, they didn’t even have to put their house on the market.  We went under contract and put our house up for sell, with the requirement that we sell it by December 15th.  This was towards the end of October.  We put our house up for sell on the MLS on the 27th of October, it went under contract a week later, we had a heck of time working things out with the buyers and the zoning in Provo, but we did it!  We closed on the 4th of December on both houses and slept in the new house on the night of the 17th, one week before Christmas.  It was an incredibly hard decision to sell the old home, as we had bought it with the intent to fix it up, keep it, and rent it out.  We made it, though, and it really was the right thing to do.  We made enough off the sale to put 20% down on the new house, lock in a 3.85% mortgage rate, have some extra to re-finish the floors in the new house, and still have a little to spare and get on our feet again.
I’ll let you enjoy these pics and write more on the next post!  Enjoy.