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28 Jul Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Stopped

Fourth of July!  Our great friends, the Burtons, own the insurance company at the end of the street.  Every Fourth we get together in front of their business and Chris serves up pancakes and later, hot dogs.  We enjoy our meals and watch the parade.  This year, I sat in a chair the whole time and a lovely family who had set up a tent shared their shade with me so I could survive the event.  My parents joined us at the end and were able to see the kids in all their Fourth of July garb.  Lincoln could not get enough of the fire trucks!  After some recuperating, we bought our traditional KFC meal and met several groups of friends on the Provo Temple field and waited for the fireworks.  We had an awesome time, and although I was hot, swollen, and quite a bit uncomfortable, we really enjoyed ourselves.  Last Fourth of July as a family of five!  (FIVE – what?  We’re going to be SEVEN next year!)

It was the Wolthuis Family Reunion at the Cabin after that week.  I was able to go up during the day that weekend.  The kids had a blast with all of their cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents (as my parents were still in the area and they were able to see them, too). A massive thank you to Papou and Yiayia for all the help on the house, the pillows, the painting, and the spoiling!  We really appreciate everything that you did to help us.  We said goodbye to them on Saturday evening.

We went up to the Cabin one final time on Monday and then took off for what we thought would be a restful week.  That night, after the children were in bed, I started contracting.  I couldn’t sleep through the contractions but I did try to rest between them.  By 3:30, things were very consistent and I was in a lot of pain.  My contractions were about a minute long, between 3 and 4 minutes apart.  I tracked them for about an hour and a half, and finally, at 5AM, I texted my doc.  Fortunately, he was already at the hospital delivering a baby and said to come in to be checked.  During that time, Dovy had frantically packed our suitcase and gotten everything into the car, just in case.  A sweet lady who was clearly nearing the end of her labor was being wheeled in by a nurse right as we got there.  We shared the elevator, and I had her check in first.  Her husband had to park the car and she was left to check in on her own.  A really bad contraction came on as she was doing so and I could tell she was really struggling.  I asked if she wanted to hold my hand and she shakily reached out for me without saying anything.  I held this sweet woman’s hand as she lived through the pain and I was glad I could be there for her.

I was put into a Triage room and monitored for a little while until Dr. Saunders could come and check me.  I was effaced 60% and dilated to a 3.  I thought this was good news and maybe they’d let me go on, but the doctor felt that I really needed to let the boys’ lungs mature some more.  (I was only 34w5d.)  I was given an injection of Terbutaline and more Nifedipine.  The Terb made me feel shaky for quite a while.  It was tough going.  The Nifedipine, of course, made me feel like poo.  I think it took about a day for me to recover from the event.  I was mostly really emotional because I had labored through all of that and had nothing to show for it.  We were both really bummed that we didn’t get to meet our boys yet.  I basically had an NST for two hours, though, and it was good to hear the boys’ hearts and know that they are doing okay. The doc did say that I could go at any minute, though, so we’re still waiting on pins and needles to meet these little angel boys!

My grandparents and Aunt Mo came by and visited with us for a little while.  They checked out the twins’ room and Link’s upgrades and spent some more time with the kids.  The family had done the annual D.I. Gift Exchange (basically, everyone buys crap for everyone else – haha) and they had gotten some treasures for the girls and Link.  Link’s was a brand-new John Deere hat, which he absolutely loves.  Grandpa showed up in an Alaska hat, and I guess Link followed his lead, because he was willing to wear a hat for the first time – practically – ever.  He’s worn it for a time at least once every day since they brought it over.  Thank you, family, for everything!  You guys are the best!