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Remodeling Ruckus

28 Jul Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Remodeling Ruckus
Remodeling Ruckus

The next little while in June was a little discouraging.  My parents were getting ready to come and we were trying to get the twins’ room finished so we could get help setting it and the rest of the house up.  (We’ve had to move a lot of things to get the construction finished.)  Well, after the egress window was put in, we found that the window well hadn’t been completely caulked correctly, so when the sprinklers came on, we found water on the floor in the twins’ new room.  We found that the well also wasn’t draining correctly.  We caulked and still had the same problems, so my cousin, Mark, came over and basically re-dug the well by himself.  We got all the way down to the cut-out concrete, and we still had the same problems.  We finally deduced that the problem was starting at two major foundation leaks.  Discouraged but not defeated quite yet, Dovy rented a jackhammer.  Mark pounded the concrete to pieces and Dovy and he finished digging out a major tunnel all the way to the edge of the house.  (Since we had just landscaped the yard, we were trying to preserve the work that had already been finished.)

WELL.  We ended up borrowing a friend’s truck and Dovy and Mike Coleman took three trips to dump all the dirt that was dug out of the well and tunnel.  This whole process took a week or so and the lawn started suffering.  Boo.  (We’ve tried our best to revive it since then.)  A few days later, Mike and Dovy worked in tandem to seal the entire side of the house with more concrete.  After a few days of drying, we filled the window well with water and waited with our fingers crossed.  No more leak!  It did take quite a while to patch everything up and fix things, therefore the room was not finished before my parents arrived and more of the lawn suffered, but I am happy to report that the room is in great shape now and the well and foundation are completely patched up!  Dovy still needs to tar it up and put pebbles back in the massive hole, but it’s been rough-going and he is still trying to find time to do it.

Whew.  So, amidst all this, right as my parents arrived, I had a wedding cake to do.  (Yeah, I know.  I’m crazy.)  I was helping out a friend and I’m really glad that I had the chance to do it.  Two sweet friends from the ward came over and helped move the process along, assisting me with cleaning and kneading fondant so that I could just sit down and work at the table.  I was still exhausted when it was all finished, but there is absolutely no way I could have done it without them.  Thank you, Hilary and Chelsea!  You are angels!  We were able to get the cake in place perfectly for the reception and then Dovy drove me up to SLC to have dinner at Cheesecake Factory in celebration of my birthday.

This was probably the least anti-climactic birthday I’ve ever had, and it’s not anyone’s fault except for the fact that I am now in my last year of my twenties, and for some reason, that really smacked me in the face this year.  Thirty is coming very quickly and I can’t believe it.  Dovy had some sort of identity crisis when he turned thirty, and now I’m starting to understand why.  I can’t believe all that I have done in my almost-thirty years, but I also can’t believe that I’m getting to that point in my life and there are still things I wish I had already done and regrets that I have.  It will all come out in the wash.  Don’t worry about me.  It’s just a phase.  Just a lot of reflecting going on.

We were able to change Link’s room around.  Once the twins’ room was finished, all of the baby furniture went downstairs, and Link’s big boy bed was put together and the wall was repainted (thank you sooooo much, Padre!  We wouldn’t have been able to do it without you!)  Link absolutely LOVES his new room.  Success.