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Baking Babies

02 Jun Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Baking Babies
Baking Babies

We’ve been busy, as usual.  I am baking babies, and the rest of the family is enjoying the beginning of summer (except for maybe Dovy – he’s still working like crazy, as usual.)

Anjali finished Kindergarten and passed her district-level test with flying colors.  She did awesome!  I was able to sit there and listen the whole time while she did it.  I can’t believe how much she’s learned since she started back in the fall.  She is a little sponge right now and can’t wait to learn more and more.  We were able to go to her “graduation.”  The kids did a dance for the parents and sang a cute song about Kindergarten.  I won’t lie.  I teared up.

Elli was just accepted to the BYU Kindergarten for the fall!  This was a hard decision for me to make, as I’m just not prepared to lose Elli a year early (going into Kindergarten, or when she graduates from high school.)  However, she misses the Kindergarten cut-off by only seven days.  SO, I applied to both the BYU Kindergarten and the Preschool.  She was very far down the list for the preschool and will not get in, but she was far up enough on the list for Kindergarten that she was accepted.  We’ve decided that we’re going to put her in, see how it goes, and re-evaluate next year.  If she’s ready for First Grade, we’ll send her.  If not, she can attend a public school Kindergarten at the same place where Anjali ends up going (which is also yet to be determined; we are doing dual-immersion and she’s been accepted to the French program, but we’re waiting to see about the Spanish school.)

Link biffed it pretty badly last week and we were worried he had fractured his foot.  He is a tough guy and doesn’t usually take things too hard, but he couldn’t walk on his foot for a few days.  I took him in to the pediatrician the morning after it happened to see if we should be worried.  The doc gave me an x-ray order, but said to wait a few days.  If Link wasn’t walking on it by the end of the week, we should take him in.  Fractures are hard to see on little feet like that.  So, we kept him full of ibuprofen and watched him.  He crawled around for two days, but was running by the weekend, so we figured it was just a sprain.  Poor dude, though.  He handled it well, all things considered.

I had an appointment last week.  Things look absolutely amazing!  The twins are growing at the exact same rate (week and day, and right on target.)  Baby A is head down, Baby B is head up.  As of right now, that means a normal, vaginal delivery is very likely.  Baby A had his brother’s head in between his legs, in a strange sort of headlock (through the amniotic sacs and all!)  They interact with each other a lot.  It’s gotten to the point where I can watch my stomach undulate as they move, kick, and readjust.  I have ample amounts of amniotic fluid with plenty of space for them to move.  They measured my cervix: 4.19 cm.  Most women are around 3 cm, so the doc told me my body is doing miracles to keep those little dudes in there.  It looks like I am in a good position to keep carrying them for a while (which is what I’ve thought from the beginning; everyone says twins come early but I know I am a pachyderm when it comes to giving birth and they have to MAKE me go into labor every time.)  As I type, my stomach is moving up and down.  I CANNOT WAIT to meet these little guys and hold them.  I can, however, wait to be absolutely sleep-deprived.  That is something I’m REALLY not looking forward to.

Dovy has been SuperDad, as usual.  He has been helping out so much where I just cannot anymore.  My Visiting Teachers came and planted my flowers last week, and last Saturday, Dovy put in the mulch and metal curbing.  On Memorial Day, he mowed and tidied up the lawn and filled up the sinking hole by the window well in the backyard. This weekend, we planted grass seed and he edged and weed-whacked.  The yard is looking really pretty these days and I sigh with happiness every time we drive up.  He is busy trying to make things work with his job/s.  We haven’t had a steady flow of income for almost six months, but we’re hanging in there and making it all work out.  We’re really being taken care of, despite the challenges.

This month is a busy one for me, too.  Dovy’s birthday (32) is tomorrow! I’m hoping to spoil him a little.  I’m helping with a little baby shower on Thursday and making everything for a wedding cake that I am doing in the third week of June.   Youth Conference is that week, too, so I’m hoping to make a few hours of that, as well.  Every day, I do “Summer Homework” with the girls.  I’m trying to help Elli get ready for Kindergarten and Anjali get prepared for First Grade.  Anjali is doing awesome, and Elli will pick it up a little more as we continue.  I am also editing another manuscript.  Another friend has written a book and asked me to take a look at it.  It’s rewarding to finally get into this line of work.  Here’s to summer!

Anjali’s First Day of Kindergarten