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Recital Season

18 May Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Recital Season
Recital Season

I am feeling Baby A punch me in the guts right now.  Baby B does the same thing, but more towards my hip on the left side.  The boys are active and healthy.  I love feeling them and knowing they are okay.  They do keep me up a lot, and my growing belly has created a lot of maneuvering problems, but I’m so grateful to be carrying these new little angels.  I love them so much already!  Our whole family does.

We’ve had a busy few weeks, as usual.  Anjali is getting ready to wrap up Kindergarten.  It scares me, because that means that she’ll be doing full-time school in the fall.  I have no idea what I’m going to do without this peppy little redhead all day.  I am so attached to my kiddos.  Anjali’s and my relationship has grown stronger and stronger lately, and I am so grateful for her.  She is such a neat kid!  She loves life and her family and watches out for her siblings like no other kid I’ve seen.  What kid saves up her “school money” every week to buy gifts for both her siblings at the school store every Friday, without fail?  She never comes to the car without something for each of them.  Whenever she has a party at school, she saves their favorite candy, every time.  It absolutely astounds me how thoughtful each of the kids are.

Elli also gets things for her siblings.  She always grabs an extra prize for each of them at Joy School when she can, and tries her best to be the peacemaker.  She is a tender little spirit and is super sensitive to everything, which is hard for her, but it is also her greatest strength.  She is in tune with my emotions constantly.

Link is starting to be very mindful, too.  Earlier this week, he saw me carrying a basket of laundry out of the girls’ room.  Without me saying a word, he dashed in front of me and held open the back door (that goes downstairs) so that I could get through easily.  On Friday evening, we were with some friends, and twice he waited for others to finish their ice cream so he could carry their bowls to the sink without being asked.  I can’t believe he’s only two, but I also can’t believe that he’s almost three.  He’s growing up super quickly.

Dovy is working hard, as usual.  He’s trying to finish the twins’ new bedroom (many thanks to Mike and Mark for all the extra work they’re doing to help out!), work extra hard, teach Sunday School, pick up the slack where I can’t, and also take care of me.

My sweet friends, Heather and Rebecca, threw a baby shower for me this weekend.  It was so fun to see so many friends come by and show their love.  It was a fun, cute shower, and such a blessing to have as we are preparing for these little boys.  Thank you to each of you who came out and especially to Heather and Rebecca!  You are amazing!

The kids had a few recitals recently.  Anjali and Elli had their end-of-year studio recital and it was stupendous!  Thank you to Summer, Mike, and Collette for coming out and supporting them!  It was so sweet to see those little girls and how thankful they were to have friends/family there.  All three kids had their end-of-year Let’s Play Music recital, as well.  I am so proud of each of them and love that they each have a love for music.  It’s pretty special to watch.  Miss Nicole is fabulous!