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Butterfly Boy

04 May Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Butterfly Boy
Butterfly Boy

It was a normal week.  Dance, school, music, and church callings were all normal.  We did end up throwing in a landscape job in the backyard and side of the house.  We also went on a date with some friends to Buffalo Wild Wings.  (Gotta get those dates in before they become obsolete with our new arrivals!)  I had never been there before and wanted to try it.  The food was okay and the company was awesome.

Dovy had a few adventures, though.  He had an allergy appointment to see why his eyeballs swell up. We now know he is mildly allergic to the following foods: watermelon, apples, oranges, soy, tomatoes and corn.  We thought that was really weird news, as he’s never felt any significant kinds of reactions to those things.  He has had some upsets when he eats certain things like pizza, and we always assumed it was some lactose intolerance, but now we know it’s probably a little bit of the tomato, as well.  He’s told me I don’t have to change our diet, but he’ll just be aware of it from now on.  The Mystery of the Swelling Eyeballs was solved as we also know he is allergic to Boxelder trees, Redtop grass, and Mountain Cedar trees.  Poor guy.  :(

While we were shopping at Costco together, his glasses literally broke right off his face.  We were able to get an appointment pretty quickly, new glasses ordered, and a fabulous new set of contacts that he loves.  He has always struggled with contacts as he has chronic eye dryness, but these Acuvue Air contacts have been incredible for him.  I’ve never known him to wear contacts for more than a few hours, but he’s able to wear these for 12 hours plus.  He is raving about them and it seems to help also block some of the exposure to the allergens in the air.

Anjali participated in a Fun Run, Elli enjoyed Joy School, and Link ripped a page out of a library book so that we had to purchase it.  Stinker.  Link is also starting to draw with some purpose and has recently started praying on his own, remembering to include the babies as he does so.  It is super cute to see the girls help him learn.

I ended up going to the doc on Friday because I hadn’t felt Baby B move much in the last day. He is usually a little popcorn machine and that was out of character for him. I called in and asked how cautious I should be and they told me to come in right away.  So, I got to take another look at my boys.  Baby B’s heartrate had noticeably dropped (from somewhere between 137-140 down to 127) but was still within the normal range.  They checked his umbilical cord and looked all around to make sure he is doing okay.  He has plenty of room to move, but for some reason, he decided to get himself folded in half.  His feet were up by his ears.  That might have explained why he wasn’t moving as much.  They did check my fluids and the sizes of both babies again.  I have an excess of fluid, actually (which I wasn’t too surprised to hear as I’ve done the same thing with my last two pregnancies.)  This is a good thing, especially in the case of twins.  They have plenty of chance to move and it’s really important to have enough amniotic fluid, so I’m really glad.  Also, the boys were measuring at the exact same weight: 650 grams.  The tech was surprised by that and said it doesn’t happen very often.  I am now 24 and a half weeks along.  Last week, you may remember, at my 23-week appointment, I was measuring at 33 weeks.

I am looking more pregnant every day, but I’m glad that all is well.  I’m trying my best to manage the pain in my hips and joints.  I am grateful for helpful little angel kiddos and my sweet husband who put up with my mood swings and my intense need for rest.  I wouldn’t be anywhere without them!