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A Slew of Events

28 Apr Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on A Slew of Events
A Slew of Events

Okay.   So, it’s been a while.  Again.  Surprise, surprise.  Ready to be bombarded with cute little kids and lots of stories?

I will go back to the last post first.  I had to sit tight for a while, being really careful until my next ultrasound.  At 19 weeks, I went in for another ultrasound.  Thankfully, nothing had been attached to the cervix or surrounding areas, and, just like a balloon expands away from the opening, the placenta moved away from the cervix.  I no longer have even slight indications of placenta or vasa previa, and everything looks fantastic.  I am now off “couch potato” rest, but still need to be careful, as I did have a placental tear and hemorrhaging earlier, and twins, in general, you need to be more careful with.  I had another ultrasound on Friday and everything still looks awesome.  Fluid levels look great and I still have no indications of complications.  Last time, they could see the coagulated blood from the hemorrhaging, but now it is gone, reabsorbed back into my system.  Baby B has slightly longer legs and is just about 50 grams more than Baby A, so they think he may end up being my taller twin.  They both look so sweet!  I did, however, note that both of them are in positions where they constantly kick each other in the head.  That was pretty funny to see.  They are beautiful, though, and I’m getting more and more excited to meet them every day.  Oh, and they’re both boys, in case you couldn’t tell yet.  We’re going to change from a “girl family” to a “boy family” all in one fell swoop, and I’m both super excited and a bit nervous!  I love them so much already.

My energy has been really up, compared to the first trimester, but my hips have really started having problems.  Several nerves have started getting pinched pretty badly, too.  I’m trying my best to be active while still resting.  I stopped physical therapy for now, as my therapist felt like there wasn’t much we could do at this point.  I am now seeing a massage therapist weekly.  Dovy still does a lot of massaging, too.  It is hard, but we know it’ll be worth it!

So, since the last post, this is what we have done:

-Hosted Pie Palooza 2014!  It wouldn’t have been possible without the help of some very special people.  Thank you SO MUCH to each of you who helped out.  We ran out of pie halfway through the event.  We’ve never had that much success before.  What an awesome event!

-Anjali lost her two front teeth, including the dead one that happened because of an accident when she was three.   Thanks to Grandpa Wolthuis for pulling it out with pliers!

-Elli’s first-ever dance competition.  They won first place for both of their dances!

-Anjali’s second dance competition of the year.  They won the White Diamond Trophy, which is the highest award right before the “Best Overall” category.

-We bought our second baby carseat!  We’re ready to take babies home from the hospital now.  (Well, after we wash everything and have them and all that in-between stuff.)

-Anjali’s Ballet Recital.  We were shocked to see how much she has improved over the past year.  She is such a little dancer!  The dance studio is absolutely stupendous.  My favorite piece consisted of ballerinas on pointe (many of them) dancing with blindfolds almost the entire time.  It was truly spectacular to behold.

-Joy School field trip to the Fire Station.  Link absolutely died and went to heaven.  Dovy wanted to come because he knew that Link would love it, even though the field trip was for Elli.

-Trip to G & G.  After I was off bedrest, we made a trip to go see them.  Grandpa had his shoulder replaced and Dovy was able to give some help in the yard.  The kids even helped.  I supervised, for the most part.

-Visit with Aunt Kristi.  She was coming through after a marathon. (Triathlon?  I missed that detail – I’m sorry!)  The kids love seeing their relatives.

-Visit with Granna Dawn (Dovy’s mom, LaDawn) and Great-Grandpa Lloyd.  They were coming through on their many adventures.

-Two visits to buy more maternity clothes (don’t worry – only two or three pieces each visit; I don’t go crazy – I hate shopping.)  I am now measuring at 33 weeks (instead of 23), so I’m expanding quickly.

-Easter 2014 – I had enough energy to work throughout the week to make some Greek food and carrot cake.  (I HATED carrot cake as a kid, but now I LOOOOVE it.)  Thanks to Yiayia and Papou for helping out so much this year!  The Easter Bunny didn’t have to work as hard due to their generosity.  Thank you!

-Had to go back in for yet ANOTHER break on my permanent retainer bonding.  That poor dentist has seen me every month now.  I’m kind of the running joke.  Since Christmas, I have come in to have my retainer fixed three times and my broken tooth (thanks to Link) glued back on.  Thanks to Ashman Dental!  They are fantastic!

-Company pictures for both girls.  Believe me, that is more work than it sounds like.  Hopefully we enjoy the prints!

-General Conference, for which I was very grateful.  (A worldwide meeting of our church that consists of four general sessions, one Priesthood session, and one for all women, ages 8 and up.  We attend that instead of church twice a year.)  It was nice to sit at home and be comfy.  Pews at church are getting really hard to handle right now.

-Started construction on our final bedroom.  The twins will be downstairs here with Mommy and Daddy.  We had to hire a company to come in and cut the concrete for an egress window.  We are also hiring someone to landscape our backyard.  We are ecstatic about that!  They are even going to sod it all up and make it safe for the kiddos so they can play in the backyard this summer while mom turns into a whale.