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09 Feb Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Twinners!

Whew!  We’ve had an intense month!  First off, I spent almost all of January in bed, trying not to vomit every single moment of the day (and most of the nights, too).  It has been absolutely rough, but we were treated with one of the biggest surprises of our lives!

A few weeks ago, Dovy had to leave for a convention in Arizona, and I was pretty worried about it.  I ended up having friends come and help every day he was gone.  I could hardly do anything.  I was taking Zofran several times a day and trying to make it.  Before Dovy left, he sat down on the edge of the bed, trying to help me through the nausea.  He said, “Natalie, I swear you are sicker with this pregnancy than you were with Anjali.  I guarantee you’d be worse off if you weren’t on Zofran.”

I meekly replied, “Maybe it’s another redhead?”

Well, two weeks after that, we had my first doctor appointment.  I will rewind for a moment.  The day I told the girls that I was pregnant, both of them said, “No, two babies.  There are two babies in your belly.”  I would kinda laugh it off and tell them they were silly.  Although this has been a dream of mine since I was little (ask my childhood friends and my mom) I was a little nervous to even entertain the thought because it was just so farfetched.  Dovy and I had even joked about it with family and friends in the past few months.  “Maybe we’ll have twins and be done!”  Well, the next six weeks until that appointment, Elli and Anjali prayed for the babies in my belly, even though I told them they were just being cute.  Fast forward to that first OB appointment.  I decided to have an ultrasound, either way, to dispel a few things.  First off, I wanted to prove my kids wrong (haha – I actually had a feeling, but didn’t want to feel like an idiot,)  and I had also started a cycle/heavy bleeding right after I found out I was pregnant, so I just wanted to know my real due date.  When Dr. Saunders couldn’t find the heartbeat very easily, he said I’d get my wish and have my ultrasound.  However, just at the last moment, he found a heartbeat and said I didn’t have to get the ultrasound if I didn’t want to.  I still wanted to, so we went ahead and did it.

THE ULTRASOUND:  The tech prepped me and put the sensor on my belly.  Pretty immediately, she lifted the sensor off and said excitedly, “Did you see that?”

I didn’t want to even hope, so I just said, “What?”

She put it back on, and you could clearly see two little babies floating next to each other in two big black, separate sacs.

She said again, “Do you see that?”

I replied with, “There are two?!”

“There are two.”

Dovy was thankfully with me and had the biggest grin on his face.  I was so excited and bewildered that I screamed.  (Apparently the walls are fairly thin, because when I came out, several of the nurses said they knew that something exciting was going on.)  We got to see both babies very clearly.  Their little paddle-y arms and legs were adorable and their little heartbeats were seen and heard clearly.  It was a very special moment for both of us.

This week, my doc asked if I’d be willing to help make a marketing YouTube video for him.  So, Dovy and I came in again.  They decided to do an ultrasound on me again and record that, as well.  We got to see both babies again.  After only 11 days, both had grown immensely.  They looked like actual babies this time instead of little gummy bears!  Baby B (on my right side,)  was bouncing up and down like it was on a trampoline.  Baby A had its hands curled up by its face, with its legs sticking straight up into the air.  They were so beautiful.  I couldn’t stop saying that, either.  “They’re so beautiful,” over and over again.  Pics of both ultrasounds will be included in this post.

The rest of the month consisted of just making it through.  Dovy had two conventions, one in AZ and the other in SLC.  The girls had their company showcase this last weekend and were super adorable!  Anjali had her 100th day of Kindergarten and Elli has been enjoying Joy School.  Link is becoming more independent and can climb out of his crib with ease.  (We really need to change the front rail to the toddler one.)  He is now the one that comes and gets us in the morning.  With his independence has come more tantrums.  Darn it…

We’ve had a house guest off and on, too.  Jason was in the singles’ ward when Dovy was in the Bishopric back when I was pregnant with Elli.  Jason and his now-wife were dating during that year.  They ended up getting married that summer and we attended their reception.  He is in the film industry and has been shooting a small movie up here, so he’s come to stay with us twice.  The girls are really in love with him.  He’s also been a big help.  When he was here a few weeks ago, he and Dovy gave me a blessing one night when I was incredibly sick.  It was one of my worst nights and I was grateful for it.

I have been incredibly blessed by so many angels around me during this first trimester.  We’ve never had so many people check on us, bring us dinner, watch the kids, bring me lunch, and help clean the house.  It has truly been a blessing.  I cannot fully express my gratitude to those who have been there for us. Thank you to each of you!  You know who you are and we are incredibly grateful!

*NOTE – The girls’ dances are posted at the bottom.  Just so you know, Anjali was super distracted during “Fly with Me.”  Dovy had met me at the venue and hadn’t had a chance to see the girls before the show started.  During the whole dance, Anjali wanted to see Daddy the whole time, and kept putting her hand up to shade her eyes and look for him.  It was also her first time wearing the clip-on earrings, so she couldn’t stop playing with them.  She also hadn’t put her footwear on correctly and kept fiddling with it.  It was all stacked up against her, so it’s really just a funny, cute video.  She dances a lot more on Oogie Boogie.