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Lost a Tooth

22 Dec Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Lost a Tooth
Lost a Tooth

No, I didn’t.  Anjali did!  Awesome, eh?  We helped pull it out with the ole’ string-and-the-door method.  It was literally hanging by a thread and she just wanted to get it over with.  The Tooth Fairy visited our home for the first time and left a glittery dollar for her.  She has been so excited and it has become a constant reminder that my baby is now growing up.

Dovy and I finished all of the Christmas shopping this week, took the girls to their music evaluations, finished up dance, went in for temple recommend interviews (because we still could not find our old ones,) attended Anjali’s school program, Elli’s Joy School program, and Anjali’s class party.  I’ve practiced more cake every day, and made all of the wedding cakes yesterday for more than 16 hours.  It was an intense week and the mother of all cake weeks is here!  I start with all the gumpaste pieces tomorrow.  My goal is to not have anything “cake” in my life on Christmas day, but you can bet that I’ll be intense on Thursday, the day before the first wedding.

Week, here we come!