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Thanksgiving and Beyond

08 Dec Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Thanksgiving and Beyond
Thanksgiving and Beyond

By now you should know that if I haven’t updated the blog, it’s because I’m so busy I can’t see straight. :)  It’s good to be busy, though, and I’d rather be that than bored.  So, here we are.  Another month has passed and we’ve been involved in lots of good (and not-so-good) causes.

And by not-so-good I mean that we also got sick.  A lot.  We had horrible colds – probably the worst I’ve had in many years.  Immediately following that, we sustained the stomach flu.  (Some of this is ringing a bell…  I might have covered it in the last post.)  A few days after I thought we were good to go and free of everything, I suddenly started feeling like crap and lost my voice.  I had full-on laryngitis for three days, but this time (since I had it last year) I knew that I needed to stop talking pretty immediately and tried really hard to whisper for several days.  My voice started coming back right as we were leaving for Colorado.  Another not-so-good cause was that Dovy had to fly out to Boston because his sweet grandmother had passed away.  He was gone for a few days, but we made do without him.  He hasn’t seen his grandmother more than a handful of times in his life, but he is grateful for her influence and involvement in his life, so he really wanted to be there.  We’re very glad he went.

We ended up heading out a day early so that we could avoid a major snowstorm.  We still hit the storm on the way there, but it wasn’t as intense or as long as it would have been if we had traveled any of the other days following.  We arrived in Colorado, safe and sound, with only minimal major events (like having to stop in the middle of nowhere at a stranger’s house for Elli to poop…yikes.)

Frank, Becky, and Laura were incredibly accommodating.  It was so much fun to spend time with them.  And it was even better that my brother, Michael, flew out from Las Vegas to meet us there.  I haven’t seen him since Lincoln was born and it was a real treat to spend time with him.  The kids loved him (a little too much, as usual) and we got to eat, watch movies and hang out the whole week.  He was there until Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.  So good to see you, bro.  I’ve missed you so much.  He’s moving to Greenland at the beginning of the year, and it’s a year-long tour, so I won’t see him for a while.  :(

When we came back, we got into the full swing of things.  I got asked to do another cake.  My cousin, Trevor, is getting married on the 27th.  That, added to my friend’s cake on the 28th, and I’m going to be VERY busy.  I’ve already started practicing and baking and freezing.  I’m really nervous, but super excited for the challenge.  I’ve never transported cakes before, and I’m really praying it will be okay.  Mixed with the fact that we’re attending both temple sealings and stuffing in a little family reunion in between, I think it will be interesting getting the cakes together and on time for both receptions.  Should be fun!

This weekend, we kicked off the Christmas spirit by seeing The Forgotten Carols with Michael McLean.  Dovy and I have really wanted to see it for many years.  We finally gifted it to ourselves and absolutely did not regret it!  It was spectacular and moving and I cried – a lot.  The next day, I went with my cousin, Jeanette, to see the BYU Choirs and Philharmonic perform.  It is always so bittersweet to watch them and hear their incredible sound, while also not singing with them anymore.  I still miss choir dearly and will always cherish my time there.  I had some very life-altering experiences in choir and will never forget them, nor the people involved in it.  I love choir!  (Yes, Mom, I said it.)

I am in for a very big week of baking.  The girls also have their Christmas performances this weekend (both Friday and Saturday) and Dovy and I have been asked to sing at both the Christmas Ward Party and the Christmas program at church on Sunday.  Sooo… you MAY NOT hear from me again next week.  We’ll see how pooped I am.  :)