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The Famous Frog

20 Oct Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on The Famous Frog
The Famous Frog

Let me go back a year and a half or so.  One day,  I found Anjali in her room during Quiet Time with an empty terrarium.  There was one lonely frog left in their room, and it was missing.  Turns out, she said she took it out to play with it and it went missing.  This particular frog needed water to live, and we absolutely ransacked her room to try and find the frog.  Nowhere.  Nothing.  Zip, zop, zero.  One of my friends told me that his mom found his dead frogs while he was on his mission, ten years or so after he had done something similar.  I prayed this would not happen to me.  

Well, this week, we have been cleaning out all the crap stuff in our basement.  When I got to the bottom of the last Christmas box, my jaw dropped down to the carpet.  I turned to Dovy and said, “You will never believe what I just found.”  Yup, at the bottom of the box was the dried out, certainly exterminated frog.  Yuck.  Poor thing must have slipped through a floorboard (as the room underneath is still unfinished) and somehow found it’s way to the bottom of our Christmas decor.  Enjoy that picture, will you?

Anyway, as this post is so close to last week’s catch-up, I’ll let you just enjoy the rest.  We went to the pumpkin patch and it was awesome!