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Lincoln’s Second Birthday

18 Oct Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Lincoln’s Second Birthday
Lincoln’s Second Birthday

I’m a little late on last week’s post, but here it is.  Link turned two!  I can’t believe my baby is two.  We went together and found a birthday toy together and he helped me bake his birthday cake.  He is such a happy, easygoing little guy.  He finds great joy in helping me around the house, playing with his cars, and just being low-key.  He is especially sweet when he’s sleeping.  I often sneak into my kids’ rooms after they’re sleeping to check on them.  Anjali sleeps like a little log, but lets me snuggle her and cuddle her.  Elli is a lighter sleeper, but if I tell her I love her, she says “I love you, Mommy” back in her sleep.  Lincoln snuggles into me and wraps his little body around me, sleeping in my arms for any amount of time with no fuss at all, even when I lay him back down.  You can bet that I sure held my baby before he turned two for a good long while.  The night before, I just held him, with tears in my eyes, not understanding how quickly time had passed.  I sure love being a mommy.