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22 Sep Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Smooshed

Today, at church, one of the primary leaders had to run and get me from Young Women.  She said that Anjali had smashed her finger in a folding chair.  I’ve never quite heard Anjali scream for as long as she did, or as loud.  It took us almost two hours to calm her down, poor thing.  She smashed it so well that it was bleeding a bit and the entire fingernail was purple.  Luckily, the Second Counselor in our Bishopric is a pediatrician.  He took a look at it.  We’re still waiting to see if we need to do decompression (poke a hole in the nail to relieve the pressure) but I think it’ll be okay.  She sure did scream a lot, though.  Poor little LiLi.  Brother Clayton (the ped) said that nail beds are the most sensitive part of the body.  (I didn’t know that, did you?)  Poor little smooshed finger.

This week calmed down just a little more than the last few have been.  Thank goodness, too.  We’ve been pooped.  Dovy and I went off of flour and sugar (completely) since last Monday, just to see if it would boost our energy, moods, and ability to sleep.  I would say it has helped a lot with our energy and moods.  It hasn’t even been that hard to do, as our blood sugar never spikes because we’re not eating foods that are high on the glycemic index, therefore our cravings haven’t been intense at all.  Sure, some cravings occur, but it’s been really good and I’ve actually enjoyed it and felt better.  Maybe we’ll post some good recipes after we experiment with it a little more.

Here’s to another long week.  This one will be intense as we have a lot more commitments.  Bring it on.