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Purple Shake

15 Sep Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Purple Shake
Purple Shake

Woah.  One second while I gather my brains and figure out what I’ve done with my life this week.

There.  Now I’ve got it.  No, wait… maybe not.  There was just so much, it’s hard to pinpoint everything!  We are now in the full swing of the school year.  Both girls started dance (Elli on Monday, Anjali on Tuesday – until 7!)  Anjali also have a small music class on Thursday afternoons, and right now, the extra time is getting eaten up by soccer because the season is not quite wrapped up yet.  This week will be our final game and then Monday through Wednesday will be our only really crazy days.  Dovy and I had the opportunity to go to the Temple for our date night this Friday.  We hadn’t been in a while.  I was a little panicked when I couldn’t find our recommends.  We hid them for safekeeping while we were away in Europe and obviously hid them so well that they cannot be found again.  Grr.  Luckily, I gave our bishop a heads-up and he vouched for us so we could go.  It was a beautiful experience and I’m really grateful that we went.

I think this week will die down just a little bit, as I am not helping with Joy School this week and it will just be me and Link on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  I’m excited to spend some one-on-one time with the little mancub.  He sure is becoming independent.  The two-year old mentality is already starting to unfold right before me.  It breaks my heart because I know that in a year *dun, dun, dun* we will approach three.  (And anyone who’s had toddlers knows that THAT is the roughest year…)

After Anjali’s soccer game on Saturday (two in one week) we stopped at a few garage sales.  The deals of the year: a thick, brand-new, $25-dollar book for only $3, and a completely unused, new chocolate fountain (something I’ve wanted for years) for $8.  We felt pretty successful.

I’ve also been pretty physically challenged this week.  Last Sunday night, I was on my way into the stairwell for my last trip to our room for the night.  Without even realizing what happened to me, I slipped and one of my feet just went straight out in front of me and I fell on my rear, only to fall down all 11 stairs without being able to stop.  Luckily, I went down feet-first (as opposed to completely going down cartwheel style,) but it definitely took its toll.  I think I bruised the bottom of my foot very badly, because I haven’t been able to walk completely normally without severe pain since then.  My hip also popped out (I have a click-hip.)  I have been in a fairly considerable amount of pain for years, as I was born with hip dysplasia and needed to see a therapist as a teen, but this accident has pushed me to find a really good doctor and finally go and get re-evaluated.  My appointment is this Friday.  I’m curious to see what she says and see where I should go from here.  It has been a problem I have dealt with my whole life, and as a woman who has had three children and is now on 24/7 duty with them, I think it’s about time we figured everything out and got taken care of.  Wish me luck!