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The Final Catch-up

25 Aug Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on The Final Catch-up
The Final Catch-up

Wow, we are pooped.  It has taken quite some time for us to feel normal again after this huge trip to Europe.  We loved the whole trip, from start to finish, and we love reminiscing about everything we saw and did.  The last week and a half has consisted of blogging about it, readjusting to the time, reconnecting with our kids and the rest of the world, and preparing for the fall.  Anjali will be placed in a Kindergarten class about a ten minutes’ drive away from us.  We’re excited to meet her teacher tomorrow night.  She starts on Wednesday!

Elli will start Joy School the following week.  Dance will start up, as well.  By then, soccer will be more than halfway over.  Anjali is sure enjoying herself, and this post is largely of her playing soccer.  We’ve had two games since I last posted.

We also had a lovely bout of the stomach flu.  It’s been a rough week.  Before that, though, my grandmother (Yiayia) came to visit!  She is working on genealogy in Salt Lake this week and it was a pleasure to see her before we had to hole ourselves up in our house and recover from the bug we sustained this week.  Hopefully, we are up and ready to go for this week!

On Saturday, we had a Coalescence reunion.  (This is the a cappella group we sang in back when we met.  The girl in the pictures with the curly hair is one of my dearest friends from my first year of college.  She introduced us!  I sang her part when she left the group right before Dovy and I started dating.)

Kindergarten pictures to come!!