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Time to Say Goodbye – Day 13

13 Aug Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Time to Say Goodbye – Day 13
Time to Say Goodbye – Day 13

And then we were finished.  We had a morning in Paris and then quickly scurried to the airport.  We were running a tad behind because of the train schedules, some ticket issues and some last-minute sight-seeing, but we knew we’d still make it with a little time to spare.  (Turns out, you really need that screwy microchip on the back of your credit card in Europe, or you can’t buy anything at a Kiosk – i.e. train tickets, because no ticket offices were open.)  We ended up getting on without tickets and hoping we’d be able to work it out.  However, the train stopped right before the airport, and we were all told to get off.  Gah!  After ten minutes of delay, we were starting to get antsy.  We only had half an hour left until our plane closed out our check-in baggage.  Dovy ran upstairs, desperate to find someone who spoke English with some extra pity to spare.   He did find someone, and the guy let us out with a free ride and told us to run to the airport shuttle just down the way.  We booked it from the shuttle on.  Booked it to check-in, to a different check-in, who sent us back to the original check-in, who then had to call the plane to see if they’d still take us.  (We literally had two minutes to spare at that point.)  We begged at both security and passports, and ran the entire way to the gate.  We made it!  Just in the nick of time.  Not without a talk from Dovy that if we weren’t going to make it, he’d send me first and I’d go home without him.  Eek.  Glad we made it, and we were super ready to sit on a plane for 9 hours and fifteen minutes straight.

And then we took it back.  Because it was a SUPER rough flight.  We ended up being in the middle of three families with only the moms flying with their 2-3 kids.  The kids on the right were really cute and well-mannered.  The kids on the left were a little whiney, but we get that.  The ones behind us made us want to pull our eyeballs out with airplane food forks.  We both tried to be so patient, being parents ourselves, but the mom was super uninvolved, tried napping while her kids ran up and down the aisles and banged their whole bodies against our seats (literally, throwing them against our seats) for hours at a time, while they had some pretty intense tantrums.  Even one of the flight attendants came over and said VERY sternly to the little boy, “You need to calm down.  Sit down, buckle up.  RIGHT. NOW.”  It was crazy.  Alas, we landed in Atlanta, barely made our flight out of there because our connection was late, and then tried to sleep until we got to SLC.  Made it!