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Venezia – Day 9

09 Aug Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Venezia – Day 9
Venezia – Day 9

And now we come full-circle.  I went to Venezia the day I left the country.  It was the last place I was before I took off.  It sure was beautiful to see it again.  Thank goodness for a little bit of rain that day, because it had finally cooled off just a little bit.  We enjoyed the day sightseeing, taking vaporetti (although they did take quite a while…) and taking a short trip over to Murano (world-famous blown glass.)

  • Woke up, drove to Sacile
  • Got lost, because that’s just what we did the whole time we were in Italia
  • Decided to make the most of it buy more pastries in Sacile
  • Barely made our train out
  • Arrived in Venezia
  • Walked to Il Ponte di Rialto (Rialto Bridge)
  • Took a vaporetto to La Piazza di San Marco
  • Visited Il Duomo di San Marco
  • Took an elevator to the top of Le Campanelle
  • Took a vaporetto to shop at Murano
  • Took a vaporetto back to San Marco to say goodbye to it as the sun went down
  • Took another vaporetto back to Ferrovia (the train station there)
  • Train was cancelled
  • Had to take another train
  • That train broke down in Mestre, the next stop
  • Waited for almost half an hour and then took off again
  • The conductor came down to our binario (train car) and shouted, “Andate via!  Il binario non é funziona!”  (Let’s go!  The train car is no working!)  And we had to run to the other end.  Yikes.  Never did figure out what was going on.  I asked another passenger what was wrong and she just said  “E´ guasto.”  (It’s broken)  We finally made it back to Sacile train station after midnight.  We were so tired.  Fell into our beds at Erica’s that night.