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Roma – Day 5

05 Aug Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Roma – Day 5
Roma – Day 5

We are going to attempt to put up all the rest of the photos from our trip.  It was a photography dream and we sure took advantage of it. We arrived in Italia on Friday, the 2nd.  We drove from the Roma, Fiumicino airport to Napoli.  After a day there (see previous post,) we headed to Roma for church.  (Which was IMPOSSIBLE to find.  We only made the last 10 minutes after searching for a really long time.)  Later, we met up with our AirBNB host (for housing.)  The rest of the day we spent sight-seeing.  This post is the next day after that, Monday, the 5th.  Enjoy the rest of Roma!  Here’s what we did:

  • The Pantheon
  • The Vatican Museum
  • Cappella Sistina (The Sistine Chapel – no pics allowed here)
  • The Duomo in the Vaticano
  • Drove to Tuscany