Our Journey Through Europe Begins – Day 1The PFamily

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Our Journey Through Europe Begins – Day 1

01 Aug Posted by | 3 comments
Our Journey Through Europe Begins – Day 1

Hello our friends and family! For those who don’t know Natalie and I are traveling across Europe (well, England, Italy, and France) over the next two weeks. We’ll try to keep this updated as we have internet and the stamina to do so. We’ve had a busy day as we have less than 40 hours in London together. So we’re living it up the best we can!

Today we saw:

  • The Tower of London, AKA the Crown Jewels (almost brought home a LARGE souvenir, hah just kidding)
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • The Millennial Bridge
  • The National Gallery
  • Platform 9 3/4 (HP Fans!)
  • and a few others

We sure miss our children, but we’re excited for what we’re doing! Tomorrow we’re going to see Westminster Abby, Big Ben (up close, not so far away), the Marble Arch (maybe), and the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. All before we leave at 14:00…right. Why 14:00? Why that’s when we travel to fly out to Rome! I’m SO stoked!!! It’s been wonderful so far and it’s only day one. I just hope our bodies can hold out. We have a ton to see in a (moderately) short amount of time!

  1. Mama Emilia08-01-13

    Wow!! How fun! I don’t think you could of seen more in one day that you did. Being together after 2 weeks! Honeymooning in Europe! How fun to be doing this together for the 1st time. Have fun and take a picture of the palace and the Baby Blue water fountain in front of the palace. Or get something to remember that the future King of England was born while you were there. Maybe it will bring some good luck for a couple of boys to be born in your family. Link must want some brothers to even out the girls. :o) Love ya tons!

  2. Yeah!08-01-13

    I am so excited for you! How long are you there, or are you home already?

    We just got home from our 2 1/2 month trip. We are glad to be home. Now the work starts; we have everything out of the 5th wheel, now we have to decide where to put it all!

    We love you~~Gma Perkins & Gpa Too!

  3. Proyiayia08-03-13

    WONDERFUL!!!! I am so happy for you. You look so happy!!!!

    Beautiful pictures!!! THANK YOU!!!!

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