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Believe It Or Not

09 Jun Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Believe It Or Not
Believe It Or Not

What??  Two posts within two weeks?  Say it isn’t so!

I know.

I haven’t been this consistent in months.  Life is just involved and it’s not something I have as much time for.  It’ll make you enjoy it, right?

So, to recap the last few weeks…

I am in full swing with Young Women.  I taught my first lesson last week and it went really well.  This week, I leave Tuesday at 5AM for Girls’ Camp.  It should be interesting.  I love nature and I love being in it.  I just hate being dirty and I strongly dislike bugs.  I know, I know.  That kinda defeats the purpose.  It’ll be a whirlwind of love/hate for five days and I’m just as nervous as I am excited.  I’m probably the most nervous to be away from my kids that long, but Mr. Mom is confident he will be fine.  I’m sure he will be, too.  It’s just… well.  I’m gonna miss everyone!

In a whirlwind decision, I decided to go up to Rexburg for two days to visit my friend, Cherie (Shuh-REE).  We have sung in Meadowlark together for the past two years and she is a very dear friend.  Her birthday was at the end of the month, and we’ve been apart for a little while, so I thought it’d be fun to visit.  (They are in the process of selling their house, so she’s living back at home while it’s being shown.)  We hung out with her and her kids for two days and had a great time!  Dovy stayed in Provo and worked like crazy while workers came to hang sheetrock and start on tile in our bathroom.

The day I got back from Idaho, we quickly got ready and I took a shower, so we could go to Elli’s Joy School “Graduation.”  It was a cute little event and a great way to bring everything to a close.

On Monday, we celebrated Dovy’s 31st birthday!  I woke him up with all the kids ready to go.  We headed to Kneaders for breakfast.  In the evening, I took him for a surprise date.  He has ALWAYS wanted to go rollerskating with me.  So, I took him.  Unfortunately, the largest shoes they had were size 13.  (Dovy is on the verge of a 15.)   He squeezed into them anyway and went around the rink a couple of times.  We had a great time while it lasted, nearly falling on our heads and clinging to each other for dear life.  Finally too pinched to keep going, he returned the skates, wishing they had a bigger size.  They were really great about it and gave us a full refund, ordered his size of skates, and said to come back anytime.  What great business owners!  Next, I pulled up to our favorite Indian restaurant.  Dovy’s face lit up, but then quickly became perplexed when I told him to stay in the car.  We  then drove up the canyon and walked up to a park with a basket packed with a candlelit picnic.  It was late enough in the day that the sun was already going down and we enjoyed our meal together and got to snuggle in the candlelight.  When it was too dark, I drove him back down the canyon to the theater to see Iron Man 3.  He was so stoked!  (Loved the movie, by the way.)  I really surprised him.  He loved every minute.  Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

This last week, I helped prepare a baby shower for my cousin, Kaitlin. (She married my cousin, Jared.)  She is having twin boys in the next few weeks and we spent time preparing food, gifts, and decorations for the party.  I think it went really well and it was fun to see her so happy.

During the week, the guy who came to do our tile, finished up and left us with a beautiful bathroom.  Dovy stamped the ceiling and on Saturday, after the baby shower, we spent all of nap-time painting the ceiling and walls.  In the evening, after all was dry, we moved the toilet and vanity/countertop/mirror into place.  I can’t believe how beautiful it is!  We will finish the rest of the installation tomorrow. Pictures to come VERY soon.  Maybe I’ll get to use it before I leave for camp…

On Saturday evening, we went with the Capeners to Tucanos!  We love that place, but seeing as it is so expensive, we rarely go.  Every June, we get two free dinner coupons because of our birthday months.  We always take another couple with us and split the bill so we only end up each paying for one meal.  (Because you have to purchase at least one meal when you go with the free ticket.)  It was fun to be with them and wander around Blickenstaff’s after we were stuffed.  Great friends, great times.

All in all, a great two weeks.  Here’s to the bugs!