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Hello Again, Dear Friends

26 May Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Hello Again, Dear Friends
Hello Again, Dear Friends

Apologies.  It’s been a while, and there are lots of good reasons.  (No, not pregnant.  Just thought I’d put that out there right from the get-go.)  You’re going to get a list again.  Here goes!


-Natalie taught a Baklava class to the Relief Society sisters at our home.

-Natalie hosted Joy School.

-Anjali finished up music classes for Let’s Play Music and had her end-of-year recital.

-Dovy and Natalie did spring cleaning in the living room, which included taking the whole room apart and painting all of the trim.  This consisted of caulking everything, filling the nail holes, and painting several times over (because of painting the trim and then touching up the wall paint.)  It took at least 16 man-hours between Dovy and Nat.

-Natalie’s parents came into town.  Her mom was here for a week and spent a lot of time with the kiddos.  Her dad arrived on a Saturday and we were able to see him for a few hours.  They both made it to Anjali’s music recital.

-Dovy started several projects.  He worked well into the night doing a site on short notice for BYU ( – download some really neat free music!)  He also started doing templates, while still keeping on top of all things Real-Time Collaboration.

-Natalie’s cousin, Laura, graduated from BYU.  We went to her graduation (Nat’s mom made it, too) and then we sent her off.  Natalie cried.

-Natalie was called to serve as the First Counselor in the Young Women’s Presidency.  (An organization for teenage girls in our ward, akin to Scouts.  The girls have spiritual and physical goals to achieve, while growing and understanding the scriptures and the teachings of our church.  Natalie even gets to work on the program herself again.  She will also be going to Girls’ Camp in June and she’s super excited and super nervous!

-While Nat’s parents were in town, they took it upon themselves to pay for the plumbing renovation needed in the bathroom downstairs!  We are soooo excited to have another bathroom.  Unfortunately, during the demolition, the sewer main was hit and we were out of water for three days.  Thanks to the Capeners and the Burtons for providing their houses and facilities.  We couldn’t have made it without you.  (Without some serious indecent exposure in the backyard.)  A thousand thank you’s for the plumbing help.  We couldn’t have gotten off the ground without you!


-Natalie started attending Young Women mutual on Wednesday nights.  She hosted another Baklava-making class at her house and is getting ready for Girls’ Camp.

-Dovy lost 10 pounds!   He’s spent so much time doing the bathroom renovation, he lost the weight.  The guy has a constant desk job and is pretty busy, so he loses weight in spurts when he kicks up the physical activity.  At this point, all of the supplies have been purchased ($25 tub, $60 gorgeous mirror, $360 for a discounted vanity and granite countertop.)  The tile, toilet and sheetrock have all been bought, too.  Dovy did all of the electrical work and the rest of the plumbing (hooking everything up in the shower – dual shower heads, yeah! –  drains,  and faucet.)  He also finished all of the insulation, so we should be good to sheetrock this week!

-Natalie finally pulled everything together and weeded and planted all of the flowers at the front of the house.  She also convinced her vegetable seedlings to grow outside in the planter box, and they are all doing great.

-Lincoln started saying his first words!  Other than mama and da, he says “Daisy,” “car,” and… “poop.”  Yay…

-The girls had their end-of-year recital!  It was intense.  Elli’s first rehearsal was at 8AM, Anjali’s was at 11:30AM.  Somehow, Elli’s tap shoes went missing.  It was a blessing, but we were driving around at garage sales between the two rehearsals (trying to find stuff for the bathroom) and came across a myriad of dance shoes, all for $2 each!  The girls got their ballet and tap shoes for the next year for only $12.  Elli had nearly grown out of hers, anyway, so it worked out great.  Anyway, Elli and Anjali both danced in the 4PM matinee, and then Anjali was in the 7:30PM showing twice.  We were doing dance from sun-up to sundown.  We had some pretty tired dancers, but they did amazingly!  Elli stole the show.  You’ll have to see the video down below of all the dances.

-Natalie has taken on several design projects.  She’s helping ACDA out with their paraphernalia this summer and doing a logo for another choir.

-Natalie hopped on the scale this week and finally shed the last few pounds to a very momentous weight.  She reached the weight she was on her wedding day.  Things have changed (having three babies will do that to you) but she is pleased.  She plans to make it six more pounds below that!

-Happy Birthday to Daisy today!  (May 26th.)  She is now six.  In dog years, that’s 42.  She is getting a bit of gray on her muzzle and shoulders.  She is completely healed from her dog attack and you can’t even tell anymore.

-Speaking of gray, Natalie found THREE gray hairs within the last two weeks, including one on each temple.  Ack.

Oh, and we have three kids.  We mostly take care of their needs.  We think.  :)

Enjoy the pics and the videos!  We had to switch the camera between the two of us on Anjali’s “Candy” dance because the director was in the way, but you can still see it pretty well.  You’ll have to see why Elli really stole the show.  Let’s just say that it really was her job to help flip over her friend.  Have fun!