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Dog Attack, Holi, and Easter 2013

07 Apr Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Dog Attack, Holi, and Easter 2013
Dog Attack, Holi, and Easter 2013

We had an eventful March.  I have not had time to even blog about it!  Let’s get this started then…

So, the week after Dovy came home from London, he quickly contracted the stomach flu.  He was pretty sick, but recovered after a few days.  Later that week, Link and I left for a walk with Daisy to pick up Elli from Joy School and Anjali from Preschool.  Only half a block away from the house, a large dog approached us from out of nowhere, and immediately stood Daisy down.  Daisy cowered, and I couldn’t get her away from the dog.  Three different times, the dog put its jaws around Daisy.  I was scared out of my mind, searching frantically for an owner, yelling at the dog, trying to get Daisy away from it, without compensating my or Link’s safety.  The third time, the dog picked Daisy up in its jaws and shook her like a rag doll.  Daisy was yelping like crazy and I finally was able to scoop her up, only to find that the dog had ripped a three-inch gash in her abdomen.  The dog took off running.  At this point, four students had run out of their apartments after hearing the yelping.  I tried calling Dovy immediately so that he could somehow take over with the kids, but he was in a meeting and I couldn’t get a hold of him.  There wasn’t a lot of blood because the rip hadn’t penetrated anything vital, but I was pretty shocked.  I called the vet and sent some of the students to get something to wrap around Daisy.   They brought an old tshirt, and one of the guys helped me walk the stroller back to my house.   He got Link in the car and then we met up with the other students.  One of them drove me to the vet, and another watched Link.  (I NEVER leave my kids with strangers, but I said a very quick, silent prayer, asking if it was okay, and felt peace about it.)  The pet hospital said that Daisy would be okay, that because the dog hadn’t ripped into her vitals, she would be alright.  I had finally gotten a hold of Dovy during our trip to the hospital, and he met me there.  I told him about the stray, and he said he’d go look for her while I rounded up our kids.  (I had called a friend who had arranged to take care of Elli and Anjali.)  I met back up with Dovy and we located the stray with the help of another of my friends.  We couldn’t get to the dog, so we called Animal Control.  Right before they pulled up, a guy came out of the house near us, thinking the dog was his buddy’s.  The friend of the friend had been storing the dog in the garage for the week during a move.  To wrap all of this up, the owner arrived, incredibly apologetic, and offered to pay for everything.  The poor guy got a second-degree misdemeanor from the cops, though.  We picked up Daisy later that afternoon.  She had about 20 stitches on her stomach and another 5 on her rear.  She was pretty out of it for a while and had to work on walking.  We’d have to carry her outside to use the restroom.  She was on several medications, too.  Poor thing.  I’m so very glad that Daisy was okay that day.  I don’t know what I’d do without her.  The kids were shaken up about it, too.  Daisy’s stitches are out now, and she’s back to her peppy, energetic self.  She’s also lost some weight, which was probably good for her.  You can hardly tell she was stitched up now that she’s healed up so nicely.  Thank you, Vet Coleman!  You are the best!

Sigh.  The next weekend was competition for Anjali.  We left during a snowstorm on Saturday morning to take her.  We barely made it in time what with the inclement weather.  We were sliding everywhere and I was super nervous because Dovy had had to go to a convention that week and needed to drive to Salt Lake separately.  It was a long week without Dad around, but the competition was a lot of fun and Anjali did great!  We drove up to Ogden after that to spend time with my grandparents while Dovy was still busy.  The kids were spoiled beautifully.  (I battled some sort of intestinal issues, but made it through.)  The next day, we attended Sacrament meeting and then drove up to Logan to make dinner for Dovy’s family and spend time with his mom and his grandpa in celebration of his 84th birthday.  The kids love seeing all of their grandparents!

As if that wasn’t enough, Anjali was also in the Wizard of Oz this last week.  Somehow, I got signed up to help sell flowers during the dress rehearsal (which lasted more than five hours.)  I also volunteered to do a photo shoot for the studio, so I spent several hours taking photos.  I spent a good portion of Conference yesterday editing photos and getting them ready for showing.  Dovy and I had the chance to watch Anjali perform last Thursday night.  She loves dancing so much!

On Saturday, we attended both a temple sealing and the Holi Festival.  It was a really long day, but we loved it!  We came home from Holi in time to wash up and make it back to the couple’s wedding reception in the evening.  It was fun to see family gathered around and visit with people we haven’t seen in a while.

The next day was Easter.  Again, I wrestled with some sort of intestinal junk, but made it through after coming home and taking a nap while Dovy finished up church with the kids.  That evening, my cousins, Laura, came over, along with our friends, the Burtons.  I made lots of Greek food: red eggs, Pasticcio, Spanakopita, Tiropita, Baklava, lamb, Greek salad, and carrot cake (which isn’t Greek, but still delicious – made by a Greek, so it fits, right?)  I was pretty exhausted by the time it was all over, and ended up battling more stomach issues on Monday and Tuesday, but oh well.

This week, I’ve rested.  I’ve read (Infernal Devices – new favorite books!) rested, gone to rehearsal with Meadowlark, and attended the Women’s Chorus concert. (Which was amazing, by the way.  It was all about the senses.  They had a video going for each song, the opening prayer was done in sign language, we got to sing “Hey Jude” with glow sticks at the end,  and there was popcorn for everyone waiting outside the hall when we were finished.)  I absolutely loved it!

We spent this weekend watching Conference.  I did a 1,000 piece puzzle while watching, edited more photos, and finally got this blog finished!  Hope you enjoyed the overload.