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My (Permanent) Boyfriend’s Back!

03 Mar Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on My (Permanent) Boyfriend’s Back!
My (Permanent) Boyfriend’s Back!

Dovy is back from London!  It feels so good to have my other half back with me.  It was so much easier to lay in bed, fall asleep easily, and NOT listen to every sound the house makes at night.  The kids helped me make a “Welcome Home!” sign.  Anjali asked me to teach her how to draw hearts.  She drew about fifty of them on the sign.

This week, I spent time cleaning up, recuperating, helping a few friends out, teaching Joy School, doing laundry, completing more work for my teaching license, and generally pulling our life back together after the stomach flu.  The kids were basically back to their bubbly selves by last Sunday night, but Link has still had some issues with explosions throughout the week.  He literally dropped poo on the floor at my aunt and uncle’s and the very next day, they were all barfing.  I’ve been pretty bent out of shape about it.  And then, my friend who was supposed to be induced yesterday, ended up getting sick on Friday morning.  Either those germs DID. NOT. DIE. after we had them, or there is some pretty sick stuff floating around  Utah.  I’ve met a lot of friends who have had it in the last few weeks.  Yikes.

It is so good to have the Dovinator back home.  The kids can’t get enough of him and they seem super happy.  I’m so grateful to have the best husband in the world!