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Pie Palooza 2013

24 Feb Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Pie Palooza 2013
Pie Palooza 2013

What an incredible couple of weeks.  We spent the week before Pie Palooza, cleaning up, organizing, making pies, and getting ready for Dovy to head to London.  Pie Palooza was a smashing success!  I think we had somewhere between 50 and 60 people come through during the evening.  Everything was delicious and awesome and fun.  The next morning, we got Dovy ready to go.  I took him up to Salt Lake to catch his plane.  We had dinner with some friends that evening; things were rather quiet here on Thursday.

Then Friday hit.  I got Link out of bed and noticed that he had absolutely exploded.  Poo was all over the bed.  Thankfully, my visiting teacher had been over to spend some time with me in the morning, and she was here to watch the girls while I got Link in the bath and gave him breakfast.  When I got back from dropping Elli off at Joy School, I came back to Link’s room to clean up.  It was horrible.  Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, I realized that what I was cleaning up was not only poo, but a lot of vomit.  Pools of it were all over the bed.  It was absolutely disgusting.  It took an hour and a half to clean everything up.  Link seemed fine that day, so I chalked it up to him overeating the night before.

Saturday morning at 4:30AM, I heard Link crying.  Same thing.  Poo and vomit, just not as bad as before.  I noticed that Link had developed a rash at this point, and he was in pain.  I soothed him back to sleep.  At this point, I was starting to feel sick.  I thought maybe it was because of everything that I had dealt with thus far and just went back to bed.  In the morning, though, I still felt yucky.  By midday, Anjali was vomiting.  I helped her through it.  After five times, she fell asleep.  I took Elli to bed with me, hoping to either keep her from getting it, or to be there if she did.  She did.  At 1:15AM.  I was up with her for more than hour while she threw up twice and then went back to bed.  Up at 4 again to help Anjali get some fluids.  In the bathroom myself until 4:45AM.  Helping Link with more diarrhea and his awful rash until 5:15 or so.  Back to bed.  Up at 6AM with Elli again while she threw up again twice.  By the time she was finished around 7, she saw that the sun had started to rise and said, “Mommy, I feel better.  It’s light outside!”  Elli, sweetheart.  We’re going back to bed.  And she did.  Thank goodness.

We didn’t get up until 9AM.  Elli awoke me with a little backscratch.  She held my hand part of the night.  It was really precious.  We came up to find LiLi watching a movie, on the couch with her Pedialyte and water.  The girls kept down all of their food during the day and were back to their normal selves by dinner.  I don’t normally do laundry on the Sabbath, but I was absolutely sick of the germs.  I washed everyone’s clothes, bedding, and bodies.  (My friends brought dinner and shoveled my walkways.)  After about six loads and half a can of Lysol disinfectant spray, the house was clean and everyone was happy, full, and ready for bed.  Some other friends dropped by to give me some bread and helped me tuck the kiddos in bed.

Above all things, I cannot believe the outpouring of love that I have felt since Dovy has left.  I have never had so many people check on me and make sure I’m okay.  I’ve had so many special little blessings and tender mercies.  Another friend delivered dinner last night.  My visiting teachers have constantly checked on me.  I’ve received texts from friends I haven’t heard from in a while.  It’s been really special and I feel very watched over, even though my sweetheart is more than an ocean away from me.  We miss Dovy so much.  Both Elli and Lincoln have tried to find Daddy downstairs.  When Dovy shows up on the monitor when we Skype, Link shouts out, “Hi, Da!”  And he gets so excited, and then angry because he tries touching the screen and can’t feel Dovy underneath his adorable little Daddy-fingers.  Dovy’s doing great in London, though.  He was able to meet up with Mo and Pete (my aunt and uncle) today because they had a quick trip there.  Dovy loves it over there!  Can’t wait to go with him one day.  :)