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Super Mom Card

10 Feb Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Super Mom Card
Super Mom Card

Even though my calendar doesn’t say that I did anything too extreme this week, I still feel exhausted.  I’ve had to take a three-day hiatus from my intense weight-loss program (counting every calorie.)  I’ve still exercised, but I’ve needed to just relax for a few days to take everything in.  Dovy will for sure be going to London before the end of the month and I won’t know exactly how long he’ll be gone until he’s been there for a few days.  *Pout.*  I can usually pull out the “Super Mom Card” when I need to, but I usually like to know for how long I need to run on extreme.  This time, I won’t, and that’s creeping me out a little bit.  We can do it, though.  The kids are awesome and I have lots of friends in the area who have said they want to help out.  My cousin, Laura, will probably stay the night with me a bit so I don’t get creeped out.  (I know, it’s Provo, but still.)

Meanwhile, I have been busy with Meadowlark (we perform this weekend) and getting ready for Pie Palooza.  I’m also taking more classes to finish up with my licensing.  It isn’t too bad right now, seeing as I just have to listen to about 30 hours of painful internet tutorials and write about 14 reflections on them.  Ugh.  It will be finished by the end of March and I will be able to re-license then.  Yay, me.

Today, something was up with Link.  He has only fallen asleep on me one time since he was a newborn, and that was when he had a fever and a reaction to a shot last month.  Today, he fell asleep on Dovy during Sacrament and then again on me in Relief Society.  And he STILL took a three-and-a-half hour nap when we came home.  And was ready for bed right at 7:30.  I hope this just means that he’s getting ready to grow or something.  I couldn’t handle another sickie at the moment.  (Knock on wood.)