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03 Feb Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Grumpy

I’ve had sick kids this week.  They are pretty much healed now, but I’m still trying to fight it off.  I’ve been gargling Listerine for five days now in the hopes that the slight symptoms I have will go away and kill the cold.

Lots of good news this week!  I lost 3.4 lbs! It made me really happy to see that number on the scale this week and know that my hard work was worth it.  I went crazy last week, trying to get down.  I have 20 lbs left to lose all the Lincoln weight plus an extra six pounds beyond that.  That will put me lower than I was when I got married, almost to where I was when I met Dovy.  That makes me super happy.  And after plugging through 25 lbs already, I really feel that I can do this other 20.  Go, me!

I’ve started making pies for Pie Palooza.  (After we talk about weight loss, of course, right?)  We are super stoked for it this year!  February 20th, 6-9PM, our place.  Please come!  Bring your families and your friends.  There will be plenty for everyone, and I don’t want anymore left over after we’re finished.  I can’t have the extras so that I can get back to this weight loss.  Thanks for your help.  Haha.

Anjali quote of the week.  Are you ready?

Me: Anjali, why are you so grumpy?
A: I’m not Grumpy.  I’m angry like Ursula the Sea Witch!

I think she was referring to “Grumpy” the dwarf.  She cracks me up.

I also taught the girls how to spell Mom.  “M-O-M.”  To which Elli howled out, “O-M-O!  That spells Mommy!”

One other big piece of news: a deal with London has become a (99%) done deal.  They are drafting up the agreements and we are really hoping that all goes well.  This means that we have to get Dovy a passport and he will go to London for a few weeks.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet.  I’ll probably end up staying here with the kids.  There will be more time for that later, when the kids are older and it’s cost-effective.  (Which, in general, isn’t anyway.)  We also got a long-awaited check!  And were paid for the month of February, so we’re feeling like we’ll make it.

I hope you enjoy Anjali’s dance videos.  They will melt your heart!


Funny story about this first video.  When I went to get Anjali after she was finished, her teacher was cracking up while trying to tell me that Anjali had to go to the bathroom between numbers.  She ran in there and came back with her hat and gloves sopping wet.  Water was just dripping down her back.  Apparently, she had taken off the hat and gloves and dropped them in a sink full of water.  Ha!  She performed with soaked gloves and hat, and I didn’t even know it.

Also, this first dance was a little rougher than the second, but she was having so much fun.  I especially loved her bow at the end!

Cat in the Hat

Wonder Woman