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Bum Bruise

27 Jan Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Bum Bruise
Bum Bruise

What. A. Crazy. Week!  Very eventful. We are so tired and out of it, but grateful that it’s all over.  Last Saturday, we were asked to sing in Stake Conference (I’m guessing at LEAST 2,000 were in attendance today.)  So… we spent the week with our good friend, Chris, arranging, writing, and singing a rendition of “We’ll Bring the World His Truth.”  I was so stressed about it.  I’m very unused to singing in front of a lot of people (especially on my part all by myself.)  However, Chris and Dovy both pulled me out of the rafters several times and we nailed it!  It sounded so good and was incredibly beautiful.  We hope to record it soon so we can share it with you.  :)  Crushed it.

We attended a funeral on Tuesday.  The man who passed away used to be the bishop of our ward (before we moved in.)  He has been struggling with brain tumors and cancer for the past decade or so.  Seven years ago, he was told he wouldn’t last much longer.  He fought on for the past seven years, and finally passed away last Sunday, at the age of 52, just a few hours after we delivered dinner to their family.  His funeral was beautiful.  He was a wonderful man, always willing to serve and loved everyone so deeply.

On Wednesday, I stopped in to talk to Anjali’s former speech therapist.  Halfway through our conversation, I started losing the vision in my right eye.  As soon as I left, I booked it home, panicked and worried.  I’ve never had that happen before.  Within half an hour, I had a splitting headache and took some Tylenol, which helped.  But then, every time I moved, I felt like I was going to vomit.  I ended up leaning over the toilet and then a bucket for a good half hour, trying not to throw up.  I called a friend and told her what was going on, and through a few minutes of deduction, realized that I had a pretty awful migraine.  I’ve only had three or four in my lifetime, and this one took the cake.  I was pretty out of it.  Another friend helped me pick up the kids from preschool and Dovy came home after his meeting, fed the kids, and put them down for naps.  I drank some caffeine (which I NEVER do) and passed out on the guest bed downstairs for a few hours.  I was much better after that, but my friends still brought dinner for us.  I was ever so thankful.

I’ve been helping out some friends (mentioned above) in the ward by helping their little boy get to and from preschool.  When I picked up their son on Thursday, during the crazy freezing rain storm we had, I fell three steps down their front porch.  I landed on my bum, and now have a big, yucky bruise.  I also torqued my back a bit and the whole left side feels pulled.  I’ve made it through, though.  Healing slowly.

We had to postpone Joy School because Elli got miserably sick.  Two days later, Anjali got it, and Lincoln has it.  We were able to get the kids healthy enough to make it through Stake Conference today.  I prayed all week that we could wait to get sick so we could make it through our musical number on Sunday.  The Lord answered our prayers.  (I’ve consigned myself to getting sick, but I’m hoping that I may still evade it.)

I’ve also been working on a few design projects.  They’ve needed to get done quickly, so guess what I’ll be doing during the kids’ naptime tomorrow?  We’ve had extra practices for LiLi, too.  I’m pretty pooped.  Early to bed tonight!