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Brave Mommy

20 Jan Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Brave Mommy
Brave Mommy

I’m so very ready for warm weather.  I think that the snow on the ground is helping with the season, though.  I really dislike the cold without snow.  It seems like there’s no point in having cold without it.  So, I’m glad it’s still completely blanketing the valley.  It’s really pretty and I’m not tired of it.  I’m just COLD!

I got a new calling today.  I have been teaching music in nursery for the past year.  I’ve loved it and I was really excited to be there when Link went into nursery.  However, I was released and put in as the Relief Society Music Director (again.)  I know I’ll be able to do it, and I’m sure that I will learn things along the way.  I just can’t believe how much my heart hurts from leaving nursery.  :(

Anjali has kept busy with a lot of dance practice, the starting up of music class again, and preschool.  Elli is loving Joy School and dance, and now I’m singing with Meadowlark again in Salt Lake several times a month.  Dovy is waiting for a deal to go through.  If it does, he’ll head to London for a few weeks.  (Ack!  I wish I could go!  There is no justice in the world!)

Funny experience of the week.  Elli and I were at the grocery store picking up produce.  Behind us, a pretty Asian girl was grabbing groceries.  Elli gasped in glee and while pointing, shouted, “Her look like Mulan!”  At first, I didn’t understand what she said.  She replayed the whole scene over again, and then I started hiding my laughter and hoping the girl didn’t notice.  I wheeled us away, still laughing three aisles away.  Good one, Ellz.