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13 Jan Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on C-C-C-Cold

Aaaand… we’re back.  Happy New Year!  So, I know I’ve kind of gotten into a biweekly schedule with the blog, but I’m trying to be better.  Last week, I helped out at a friend’s baby blessing, so we were busy during the day and I was just too tired to do the blog at night.  To catch up, then.  On we go.

Anjali and Elli are back in school.  (And I use the term loosely.  Preschool and Joy School are “school” in this house.) Both are dancing again, and to get Anjali prepared for her next showcase, her team is meeting up to three times a week.  Mixed with music lessons and school and dance for Elli, as well, we are spending a bit more time driving than we usually do.  The girls practically crave dance, though.  They ask every day if they are having lessons the next day.  When I tell them, they do this little happy dance and croon with laughter and delight.  It’s super cute to see.  

Link is getting molars!  Yay… or not.  He is such a very happy baby.  You hardly know he’s there most of the time because he’s perfectly content to entertain himself and eat.  (And I really mean “eat.”)  However, he’s been a very whiney, disgruntled little mancub this whole week.  Getting shots and launching into a fever have also not added to his happiness.  I finally gave him Motrin.  He was a totally different kid for about three hours, and then back to the grumpiness.  I hate plugging my kids with medicine, so I try to do it when I know they need it, but it’s hard to see him sad, with or without the meds.  Poor baby.  He’s also not the kind of kid who gets all snuggly when he’s miserable.  He gets more independent and angry.  I have to practically force him to calm down and let me hold him.  

Dovy has taken on some extra jobs.  We are unsure of how things are going to end up with his company as of right now, so he’s working double time to make sure that we are safe.  Thank goodness for Dovy.  He’s really good at what he does and I’m certainly grateful. 

Meanwhile, we are braving the cold.  Somewhat.  We have probably had snow on the ground for a solid month now.  *I don’t remember it being like this the whole time I’ve lived in Provo.*  We are really cold!  I miss the warmth, but I’m grateful for the beautiful snow that keeps everything white and fresh-looking.  Our Christmas lights are currently frozen to the house, so they’re still up.  (They’ve been frozen for a while without any respite.)  Oh, well.  We have a lot of indoor activities and our main excursion is a trip to the library each week.  Good thing, too.  I’m reading like crazy.  Which I love.