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One-Hundred and Fifty

16 Dec Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on One-Hundred and Fifty
One-Hundred and Fifty

No.  That title isn’t the amount of times that I’ve changed a diaper in the last two months (it’s been WAY more than that.)  It may equal the number of steps Lincoln takes in a day (times ten.)  Well, you might have guessed it by now.  It’s the amount of months I will be pregnant by the time we’re finished having kids.  No.  That’s not it, either, and no, we’re not announcing anything.  Oh, come on.  It’s 150 posts!  Can you believe it?  I’ve been keeping this up for nearly three years now.  How crazy is that?

I suppose I should just say this week was boring.  Because that’s what it might seem to you.  But, it wasn’t.  We were busy, as usual.  We spent the first half of the week recovering from the ward Christmas party.  It took a lot out of us and we were exhausted.  The girls helped me make a few Christmas treats at the beginning of the week, and we delivered everything on Wednesday.  Both girls had school this week.  We helped host Elli’s Christmas Joy School party on Saturday night, and both Dovy and I slept in to help catch up on the zzz’s this morning.  (Thank you, Link, for letting me sleep just a little bit!)

The week before Christmas is going to be crazy, too.  In case you’re wondering why you haven’t received a Christmas card from us, it’s because I haven’t worked on it yet.  We’ve just had too much to do.  You might get one by the end of this week.  Or maybe you’ll get it in your email.  Time will tell.  Tomorrow I’m waking up at the crack of dawn to make seven Key Lime pies for a friends’ son’s wedding.  She is 9 months pregnant with her eighth child and is trying to get everything ready for her son’s wedding on Tuesday.  She is the epitome of a “Super Mom.”  Should be fun!