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Dancing and Fishing Line

09 Dec Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Dancing and Fishing Line
Dancing and Fishing Line

Wow.  What a breathless two weeks.  So breathless, in fact, that I couldn’t blog last week.  So, here we are.  Two dance performances, a gigantic ward Christmas party, and several trips to Salt Lake later.  Also, Dovy’s grandfather is not doing well.  He’s been in and out of the hospital since last Friday night, and we fear that he may be approaching his time.  We all went to visit him after the Heiner Christmas party last Saturday.  Dovy gave him a blessing and we sang to him.  We ended up staying the night at G & G’s so Dovy could get some important work finished.  We drove back home in the morning, got ready for Church, and headed out.  While we were at church, Dovy got a call that Lloyd was slipping away, so he ran up to Logan again.  He stayed through the next day.  Needless to say, Lloyd is still here, but we’re pretty sure he’s nearing the end still.  It will be just a matter of time.  He’s been without  his wife for almost a decade now, so it’ll be a sweet reunion for him when he goes.

When Dovy returned, he spent the rest of the week going crazy helping me plan the ward party.  We were put up to it asked to do it about a month or so ago, and we’ve ate, drunk, and slept the ward party.  We can truly say it was a smashing success and now we are finished.  It went really well last night.  Anjali screamed like a siren for the whole ward to hear when she met Santa, but other than that, it all went off without a hitch. I will be just a little self-indulgent here and say that both Dovy and I had several members say it was the best ward Christmas party they had ever been to.  We were really glad with how well it went.  We set it up well so it would be effective and we pooled our resources together with another ward to light the entire party up with only white Christmas lights hung from the ceiling using a web of fishing line and galvanized steel wire (a la Dovy).  We had crafts for the kids and a great program.  I’m so glad it went well.  I’m especially glad that we can relax just a little more.  (Ha, ha.)

Enjoy Anjali’s dance videos!



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