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Turkey Day 2012

25 Nov Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Turkey Day 2012
Turkey Day 2012

Thanksgiving with the Wolthuises!  I love when we all get together and eat like kings and laze around and can stay in our pajamas most of the day if we want to.  I love eating dinner until we’re absolutely stuffed and at least a dozen of us fall asleep in the living room together, draped over each other, taking up all of the couches and oozing out onto the floorspace.  I love that I make at least 7 or more pies and we eat them for the next three days until we’re sick.  I love that the family stays up all hours of the night and still gets up and helps me take care of my kiddos when they’re just as exhausted as I am.  I love that someone almost always gets injured playing one of the many sports and we all laugh about it, anyway.  I love that my husband is a kid again and plays night games with the younger cousins like he is 15, just like them.  I love that we all make it to church together, bleary-eyed and barely awake because we’ve had so much fun.  I love that most everyone got to see Link take his first real steps.  I love that everyone clapped when Elli finally blew the bead out of her nose that she had stuck up there.  I love that we love each other.  So much.

And I’m thankful for every moment.