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My Own Personal Brand of Torture

18 Nov Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on My Own Personal Brand of Torture
My Own Personal Brand of Torture

It was a long seven days.  I had to go to Salt Lake three different times, one for an ACDA Utah meeting (of which I am the marketing chair for,) and twice for a “Make the Most of Your Mac” workshop for educators.  The only problem with the latter is that the course description didn’t mention that it was mostly a class (14 hours total) for people who hadn’t touched a computer before, let alone a Mac.  The teacher was a really cool guy and helped me make some applications (and I think he may have even added some other activities that he hadn’t done in the past) to make it at least bearable.  I ended up mostly learning how to have patience in teaching people twice my age how to use a computer, which included turning it on and off.  (“What the he** is Safari?” said the woman next to me.)  The good news is: I received all the credit for the workshop and, with the other online classes I’ve taken, am more than halfway towards being able to re-license.  I know, I know.  I said I wouldn’t renew, but then I realized that deep down, I always wished that I could keep my license up and not throw five years of college down the drain entirely.  Even if I never teach again, it’s at least good on a resumé to show that I’ve kept it up.

Dovy and I have been called to plan the Ward Christmas Party, so I’ve we’ve been busy, busy, busy with that.  I’m also maintaining two other callings (Compassionate Service and Nursery Music Leader) and helping out with Joy School.  (Elli has a Thanksgiving party on Tuesday and she’s really excited about it!)

Tonight, we had dinner at our friends’, the Heilperns.  Kindra and I have been fast and dear friends since we met freshmen year in the dorms.  She introduced me to Dovy and she’s been the kind of friend that I’ll always keep in touch with and talk to as if time hasn’t passed.  (For those of you who know me at all, I can count on one hand – without using all of my fingers – how many people in my life, outside of family, this has occurred with; that’s what the military does to ya, I guess.)  I am so happy that Kindra moved back to Provo to get her husband through law school.  I’m so glad she’s here!  (Love ya, Kinny-Kin-Kindra.)

Here’s to a Happy Thanksgiving for all!  I’m so excited for this holiday.  I think it’s one of my favorites because it means that Christmas starts right after it.  :)