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Happy Birthday, Linkinator!

14 Oct Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Happy Birthday, Linkinator!
Happy Birthday, Linkinator!

This week, we spent time just coming off of the Lincoln’s Birthday Party high, getting better, returning to a schedule, and supporting Dovy through a lot of business craziness.  He’s been meeting with a lot of investors lately and his stress levels have been higher than normal, but he’s still made time to help me clean up the house each evening, work out, and hike the Y with me on Friday mornings.  We love going.  (Thanks to Cassie for making it possible!)  We wake up at 5:45, get ready very quickly, and take off around six-ish.  We hike the first half in the dark, and then the sun starts to bring some light up behind the mountains as we get about 3/4 of the way up.  It doesn’t shine on the valley until we hike back down and leave, but it’s a super awesome work-out and very beautiful.  Our goal is to go every Friday until it’s just too cold/snowy to go.  Apparently, it’s really paid off, because Dovy’s lost 10 pounds and I’ve lost 9 in the last month.  We’re still going strong, working hard on what we’re eating, earning our desserts, and working out every day.  In fact, we both put up jars of marbles on the kitchen windowsill.  We each have a jar that represents how much weight we have to lose, and another jar that shows how much we have lost.  We just put the jars up this week and we can’t wait to drop some more in the “done” jars.

Link’s birthday was truly a success.  We had a great time and really enjoyed watching his little charming self.  (There is definitely a reason why we call him “Charming,” and third time’s the charm, anyway, right?)  He was so handsome in his little man clothes and he loved cake and ice cream.  For your viewing pleasure: