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25 Sep Posted by | 2 comments

We left on Monday morning, pulling away from the house at 4:08AM.  We stopped in Cedar City for gas and bathroom breaks, then met up with Dovy’s old mission companion, Jon Cuff, in St. George.  On to Vegas for a buffet brunch at the Rio.  One more pitstop after Vegas and we made it to our hotel on Disneyland Drive at 4:30 PST.

And here it is!  A gallery of our adventure.

And then both girls climbed into the stroller and fell asleep.  Link fell asleep on Daddy’s shoulder for the next two hours as we roamed Main Street and got our final souvenirs.

We knew the trip was over when we found that Elli had peed all over the stroller and slept through it.  Guess we should have put on a pull-up.

We ate at the Rainforest Cafe after checking out of our hotel the next day and then piled into the car.  We made it to St. George by 11:30PM but were too tired to keep going.  We found a great inn that had bed and breakfast, all promptly crashed, and made it back home the next day to make the 3PM session of the Brigham City Temple Dedication.

Best vacation of our lives!

  1. Pro-Yiayia09-26-12

    Hello you all Happy Family!!!

    This is wonderful. It felt as if I were there with you!

    Natalie, Thank you so much for putting the time to create this blog. I know how busy you are, and yet you do this to make all of us happy. THANK YOU. Love you, Pro-Yiayia Lica.

  2. Pappou09-26-12

    Natalie, love the pictures and the captions. I especially enjoyed all the memories it brought back of our family going to Disney Land, Disney World, and Disney Paris. Thanks for sharing, Love, Dad

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