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23 Sep Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Ursula

Here’s some catch-up from last week.  (Disneyland pics to come soon!)

I had a horrific cold that completely took away my voice (laryngitis.)  I have never been so completely without the ability to talk before.  I would literally open my mouth and squeak.  I could not talk for about three days.  It was crazy!  Dovy let me rest up a lot and I whispered continually, or not at all.  Anjali said that “Ursula took my voice away.”  And she laid that cute little mini version of my hand on my throat and gave me her best set of puppy eyes.  I felt much better by the end of the week.  Thank goodness, too, because we had to get ready for Disneyland!  Every person in the family ended up getting the same cold, only in varying degrees.  Dovy had it pretty bad, too, but didn’t lose his voice.  Lincoln had a runny nose for the week, and both Anjali and Elli were just lightly stuffy for two days.  We were grateful to be healthy enough to enjoy California.