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Underwater Bubbles

19 Aug Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Underwater Bubbles
Underwater Bubbles

It was a busy week! I thought that maybe I’d see Dovy a little bit because he was finished with school, but I think I saw him less in the last week than I did during any given week of the entire summer term. (Wow, that was a wordy sentence, but I’m too tired to change it.)

Dovy’s good friend, Kawika, got hitched this week. Dovy and I both sang with him in an a cappella group when we were dating and engaged. We’re very pleased to see him so happy. We attended the Temple sealing last Tuesday and Dovy helped with the luncheon and reception on Wednesday. Dovy also worked on some recordings for our old group during the week. So, between a lot of catch-up with work and all of the wedding riff-raff, we were apart a lot. Good thing my cousin, Laura, moved in so I wouldn’t be too lonely. (She’s just staying with us for a while as she waits out the gap between terms.)

As if we weren’t busy enough, we had swim lessons this entire week. The kids did great! Elli is probably the most water-oriented out of all the kids. I finally realized why her eyes were always red after lessons: she constantly sits underwater – yeah, I said “sits” – blowing bubbles with her eyes open. She hardly came up to take a breath long enough to go back under. She loved getting wet and “swimming like a mermaid.”

Also in the way of Elli, I would like to say that she has been accident-free for nearly two weeks. I can’t believe how quickly she learned to use the porcelain throne. Thank goodness, too. One less thing I have to spend our budget on: size 6 diapers! In fact, I’m thinking of getting cloth pull-ups… I can’t believe I’m saying that, but really, they won’t soil them at night, just get them wet. So, any moms out there who’ve done it and like it?

Good week, all in all.