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12 Aug Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Gradulations

We did it!  Dovy finished his education at BYU!  Seriously, five years ago, I wasn’t sure it would ever come. But here we are, with a home, three children, a dog, two cars, a steady income, and two college graduates.  How cool is that?  From here, we’ll be spending a lot of time praying and trying to figure out where to go next.  We have never planned on staying in college-land for the rest of our lives, so now we have big decisions to make.  But, time will tell.  It won’t happen immediately.

And because I just can’t go without saying it:

Along the lines of other good news, I can honestly say that Elli is 100% potty-trained.  She finally did #2 on Tuesday night at my cousins’ house and then did it every other time since then.  In fact, she had one more teeny little accident on Wednesday afternoon, and hasn’t had any other ones at all since then. Yay, Elli!  I can’t believe I spent a year trying to teach her sister the same thing.  And Ellz was basically trained in one day, and perfected in only four more.  I count myself extremely blessed.  (Actually, the good Lord wanted to make sure that I still adored my second child.)

PS – Here’s a link for you to see the “Y” the way it looks from our house when lit up.