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I Hate the Word

05 Aug Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on I Hate the Word
I Hate the Word

What a fun week!  I’ve been really keeping the kids busy so we can pass the time while Daddy finishes up school.  We are finished this week!  He’s been working on school the entire time we’ve been married and has spent more than eight years on his Bachelor’s.  Between several ongoing jobs and three children, we have survived.  The end is here!  We both can hardly believe it.

I had a baby shower to attend this week and as I was getting ready, Anjali had the following conversation with me.

“Mommy, where are you going?”

“To a baby shower.”

“Can I come?”

“Sorry, sweetie, it’s only for mommies.  Only mommies will be there tonight.”

Not even a moment of thought passed by as she continued with, “Well, I’m going to be a mommy someday so I can go with you.”

It was one of those special “parent moments” when you realize that maybe you really are teaching your kids something.  Maybe they get it.

So, a few of you may know that I’ve been fighting this silent battle with Elli about the “potty.”  (Argh, I hate the word.  I vowed I’d never use it; but I do.)  I promised myself that I wouldn’t hash it out like I did with Anjali.  In fact, I said to Dovy, “I want my next kid to BEG me to use the toilet.”  So, this whole year (literally, it’s been a year,) I have tried to plant the seed.  “Eew, babies use their diapers.  You’re a big girl.  You’re going to use the toilet one day, huh?”  “You’re such a big girl; I bet you could use the potty.”  To which every angle was simply rejected with a soft little “no” and a shake of the head.  I wasn’t discouraged, not until last month when I started realizing that Elli was getting closer to three and not even thinking about using the pot.  I was so fed up one day that I actually told her to change herself.  And she did.  Above all, I have really tried to be dignified about the whole situation and hide how miffed I’ve been.  Well, on Friday we went shopping to purchase the monthly stock of diapers.  Across from the diaper aisle at Walmart is the potty-training shelf.  Elli went berserk.  “I want that potty!  I want it!”  Lightbulb.

“Really?  You want a potty chair?  If you want one, that means we can’t buy diapers today.”

“Yes!  I want a potty chair.”

“You want to wear underwear now?”


She was pretty emphatic, and after repeating the questions over at least three more times to see if she was sure,  I gulped as I passed the size 6 stack of diapers and headed to the underwear aisle.  Elli chose Cinderella and Rapunzel and was very possessive and protective about her purchase all the way home.  She took out all the undies and stacked them in a drawer.  We put her new princess fold-up potty chair in place and told her she could use it when she was ready.  She went to bed in a diaper and I forgot about it.  The next morning, I had to head out for a convention, but Dovy told me that when Elli woke  up, she stripped her diaper and put on the panties without telling anyone.  At breakfast, after finding the switch, he tried to remind her to let him know if she needed to go.  First accident of the day.  But, no lie, she didn’t have an accident the rest of the day. Nor most of today, either.  (Until it came to #2.  We’re still working on that.)  We even went to church in undies.  I can’t believe it.  Maybe my theory really was a good idea, after all.