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Clouds and Beans

29 Jul Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Clouds and Beans
Clouds and Beans

We have had a blast this week!  After we got over the stomach flu, of course… Unfortunately, we think Dovy is fighting some sort of a bug and we’re praying he gets over it fast because – ta da! – he only has a full week of classes left before he is finished forever!

After Anjali was feeling better, we decided to take a TV fast.  There had just been too much of it with all the germs floating around.  Dovy unplugged the upstairs television and I worked really hard to keep the kids occupied and engaged for several days on end.  On Friday, we had one of the best days yet!

Other news.  Lincoln said “dada” for the first time last weekend.  I could see him getting ready to say it as he practiced a “bth” sound.  I called Dovy in and we both babbled at him for a few minutes.  As if on cue, he said it with his cute little grin.  Which now has teeth!  His first tooth showed last Thursday morning (bottom front right) and then today, a week and a half later, I noticed its neighbor poking through.  He sure is happy now that they’re coming out.  I seriously cannot get enough of him.

The girls finished their tumbling classes this week.  We’ll keep doing Karate for a few more weeks, too, and then – it’s school time!  And then the fun really begins.  I’m planning on having Elli do Joy School and both girls will be in dance.  It’s gonna be crazy and fun.   One of my bittersweet moments will be not singing in choir.  I have done it for the past three years.  I will surely miss it.  It will be strange to start up the year and stay at home.  I’ll miss singing every day and I’ll miss my kiddos when they’re out and about.  Anjali will more than likely be in a preschool that meets half-days, four days a week.  Pretty great training for Kindy-garten, eh?

The best part about all of this: Dovy will be a full-time working man and father on all other occasions.  No more working on Saturdays (mostly,) nights (at least half the time,) and holidays (EVER.)  I’m so excited to have Dovy back in the full swing of things with us.   We’ve truly missed him.