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17 Jun Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Hiatus

So, that was a long break.  Sorry it took forever!  Now you can desist waiting on the edge of your seats to see how our life has been the last few weeks.  Here’s a list, because the long version would be, well, too long.

-Daddy flew to California for another convention

-I took the kids to a birthday party, a carnival (Summerfest,) and a ton of errands to pass the time.

-The girls started Tumbling at their dance studio

-Anjali started Karate.  Hi-yah!

-I made two diaper cakes, three logos, and several posters.

-We all got haircuts!

-I colored my hair for the first time ever.  I’m half-blonde now.

-Dovy finished Spring term.  He starts his last and final term tomorrow.  Graduation is almost here!

-Lincoln started cruising.  (That means he can pull himself up to furniture and has started walking between it while holding on.)

-Dovy turned 30!  We had a little surprise get-together and we bought him an air compressor, which is something he’s wanted for a while.  I also made Brownie Cheesecake for the first time.  Hello.

-We’ve been to the water park twice and plan to go tomorrow.

-We’ve gone to the library every week to watch a puppet show and eat our lunches.

-My cousins moved out this week and we moved our room into theirs, so now we have a closet!  LOVE our new room.

Quote of the Week:

Today, I drew a picture of Baby Jesus in a manger for the girls to color during Sacrament Meeting.  I asked Elli who it was and she said, “It’s a little bug.”  Uhh…  Anjali turns to her and says, “Noooo.  It’s a dinosaur!”  Either I haven’t taught my kids anything or I should be grateful I didn’t go to Art School.

The relationship that the girls have with Lincoln is absolutely precious.  Anjali makes him laugh and makes faces at him every day.  She constantly shouts, “Boo!” at him to get him to be happy.  Elli, in her true nature, loves leaning in face to face and tell him how much she loves him.  I adore watching the love each other.  We’re finally getting this three-kid thing!