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Idaho. No, Youdaho.

27 May Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Idaho. No, Youdaho.
Idaho.  No, Youdaho.

I figured that giving my husband time to get work and school finished didn’t necessarily mean that I had to watch him do it.  haha  We came to Idaho!  I am with my Uncle Mark and Aunt Angie this weekend.  Anjali finished preschool on Wednesday.  The kids and I drove up to SLC on Thursday for my Meadowlark rehearsal.  It sure was a balancing act trying to get some rehearsal in and keep the kiddos quiet, but somehow I managed it.  We then drove up to my grandparents’.  I spent the next half hour putting Link down for the night while the girls were unloaded and given “hot chocolate” specially made by Grandpa.  It sure was a blessing to have them there that late at night after such a long rehearsal.  I crashed at 11:30PM, which is the earliest I’ve made it to bed in months.  Thank goodness, too, because even though Link went to bed three hours later than normal, he still woke up an hour and a half earlier than usual.  (WHY do they DO that??)  The girls helped make French Toast the next morning and then we packed up and headed out.  Between some last-minute shopping trips, bathroom breaks, and a gas fill-up, we made it out of Ogden at noon and somehow arrived in one piece at Mark and Angie’s at 6:15PM, despite a diaper blow-out and a barf session.  (Don’t worry; just car-sickness.)  Thanks to dinner from Primo’s (pizza!) and some awesome babysitting by Mark and Angie’s boys (they have been lifesavers this weekend!) we made it through the evening and I crashed, yet again.

The next day was Mark’s birthday and we spent it eating burgers, playing around, shopping, and watching MI3, which I actually liked.  Today, I attended church with my family and made cheesecake for everyone (to be eaten tomorrow.)  In between all of that, I have worked on some design and simply relaxed.  I really needed it.  The boys have been on constant duty with the girls and I have been relieved; something I haven’t had in a long time.  I’ve been going full speed for years now, especially since I had Lincoln.

It’s been a pleasure to visit up here in Idaho.  I plan to head home this week.  Miss you, Dovy.  More than you’ll ever know.