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Bus Ride

21 May Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Bus Ride
Bus Ride

The entire year, Elli has wanted to ride the bus with Sissy (“sister” for Anjali.)  The bus driver has noticed this, day after day after day.   Sandy finally offered, “How about we give her a ride with her sister and you can pick her up at Preschool?”  So, we finally decided to do it.  I deposited the two girls and then booked it to the preschool with Lincoln to catch them as they rolled up.  Elli loved getting on the bus with her sister and I had a really hard time literally prying her out of it.  She just kept on wanting to ride.  What a cutie.  They had a great time together and Anjali was so excited to introduce us to her teachers and assistants.  I had a conversation with her teachers and they said she has tested out of the Special Ed program for her speech, but that she’s still testing in the low average range.  We hope to get her into Title I Preschool in the same building so they can keep an eye on her next year and get her ready for Kindergarten next fall.  They said that she is a really good friend to those around her and is a lot of fun.  They had nothing but good things to say to her.  She still has a bit of a focus hiccup, so we’re going to put her in Karate this summer to help her get moving and learn to hone in her energy.  We’re also going to have both girls do tumbling at their dance studio (since their dance classes are over) and swim lessons at the Rec Center.  I’m excited for their summer.  It’ll be fun to see what they end up liking.

Dovy and I spent our spare time getting our spare bedroom ready and revamping the bathroom upstairs a tiny bit.  We bought a bathroom cupboard and spent quite a while installing it.  What do you do when there’s only one horizontal stud in the wall where you need to hang it?  Use a lot of screws in the right places, that’s what.

For some reason, I have gone into a cleaning frenzy.  I was able to completely revamp and organize my desk and work area so that I can make more diaper cakes, empty and reorganize all the closets and cupboards, and install some PVC pipes in the bathroom cupboards to hang my hair accessories.  Still working on several design projects at the same time, too.  Spring cleaning, maybe?

Here’s to an even busier week!