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Dance, Dance Baby

15 May Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Dance, Dance Baby
Dance, Dance Baby

A week without Daddy.  Phew.  We made it.  It’s not like I see Dovy a lot during the day.  In fact, the only reason I see him at night is when we’re both working side by side.  It’s just that we’re fairly attached as far as married couples go and I dislike sleeping in the house without him.  He’s also my rock.  He really is.  And I really miss him when he’s gone.  Erego, my cousin, Laura, stayed the nights with me that he was gone.  (Thanks, Wawa, I really appreciate it!)

So, to make it through the week and my own deadlines, we relied a little more on movies, park outings, and strict bedtimes.  (Bwa-ha-ha!)  Okay, the bedtimes was a lie.  I was barely able to get them all in bed before nine because Lincoln was teething and would not go to sleep very easily the entire time Dovy was gone.  So, the girls would wreak havoc while I desperately tried to get the little turkey asleep.  He was really cute, though.  If I could, I would hold him all night long.  Alas, many hats as a mother I do wear and could not.  Dad came home late on Friday night from Cincinnati.  He attended NGS, a genealogical convention.  We sure missed him and are glad he’s back.  He came home in the nick of time, too, because we had to wake up at 5:45AM on Saturday to get the girls all dolled up for the dress rehearsals (starting at 7:45AM!)  That was awesome.  (NOT.)  Whoever decided to have a rehearsal at 7:45AM for a toddler, and then put her on stage at 7:30PM the same day hasn’t had toddlers for a while – or ever, maybe.  We made it, though.  The girls graciously let me put on lipstick, blush, base, mascara (!) and eyeshadow.  They were so excited to get into their costumes and dance.  They certainly stole the show.  And for your viewing pleasure, we have included both of their dances for you to get a kick out of.  Elli even ran to the front of the stage and waved at the audience after her number was up.  You can kinda see it at the end of the video.  They both totally made my heart swell right out of my chest.  Love you, my little dancers.

One other fun fact.  A couple of weeks ago, I stuck my Baby Torta business card in a drawing at Noodles & Company.  I won!  I never win.  Anyway, the prize was free dinner for you and seven, so we took some good friends on Monday night before Dovy left for Ohio.  Dovy stuck his business card in the same drawing for kicks. Before he came home from Ohio, he gave me a call.  “You will never believe what just happened.  I got a call from Noodles.  I won the same drawing!”  How random is that?  We get to go again sometime this week or next.

My Mother’s Day was heavenly.  (And I figure that Laura was right when she said this week, “It looks like you’re earning your Mother’s Day this year!”)  Dovy brought Link down in the morning so I could side-feed him.  When he was finished, he took my little boy back upstairs with him and I was out before I even realized what had happened.  At 10AM (I’ve never slept in that soundly that late for the past four and a half years!) I awoke to a divine breakfast in bed: strawberry banana breakfast shake, crepes, and lemon sausages.  All of my favorites.  After that, we moseyed as we got ready for church.  Dovy took care of the kids during Sacrament and when Anjali didn’t want to get up to sing with the primary, he took her aside (unbeknownst to me) and practiced with her in the chapel.  He picked me up from Relief Society a few minutes early and had me sit on the first pew.  He retrieved both girls from class and had them sing to me on their own.  How sweet is that?

When we got home, Dovy occupied the kids and told me to lay down.  I read a bit from my Jane Austen compilation, and took another little snooze on the couch while Dovy whipped up Creme Brulee and Creamy Chicken Enchiladas in the kitchen.  We ate dinner and he cleaned everything up.  He even mostly put the kids to bed.  This was the best Mother’s Day I’ve ever had.  I felt so special and relaxed and haven’t taken a break in a really long time.  I’m so grateful for such a beautiful family, but especially for a husband that takes such special care of me.

The Girl’s First Dance Recital

Anjali the Flower

Elia the Polka-dot Dancer