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Black Eye

06 May Posted by in Blog | Comments Off on Black Eye
Black Eye

Well, life is pretty crazy with school in full-swing.  Dovy hits the ground running.  He typically has some sort of school work to rush through when he wakes up, eats, and then bikes to school, leaving around 9AM.  He walks through the door at 6:30PM, having attended class, finished homework, and gotten through as much work as possible between it all.  We sit down and eat as a family and then put all of the kids down by 7:30PM.  Dovy then continues to work/do homework until bedtime, which is usually always past midnight.  I stay up with him for most of it, taking my design courses, working on logos, making diaper cakes, and/or cleaning the house.   Our days are full and insane.  Every moment that I’m not taking care of the kids, I’m working myself.  I have three design projects that I’m currently working on and two more diaper cakes.  Add on our church callings and we are super busy!

The kids keep me company.  They are the best form of it!  Both of the girls are starting to say the most hilarious things and Lincoln is as sweet and cute as ever.  He started full-on sitting this week, with no help from his arms.  He can go from a crawling position to a sitting position and back without any problems, and has been for almost a full month, but he just hasn’t had the balance to let go until this week.  He’s also consistently sleeping through the night for twelve hours.  Can you say perfect?  Yes.

The girls are getting ready for their dance recital this next weekend.  Anjali even had an extra rehearsal for it.  They are both very excited and I even got to watch Elli perform her entire dance during class the other day.  They paraded the parents in and she was front and center, “Mommy!  I’m going to dance!”  And she did. She did the entire dance and it was so dang cute.  I can hardly imagine what it’ll look like when she has her little costume on, hair done, make-up on (make-up!) with the stage lights shining down on her.  Anjali’s dance has been somewhat of a secret.  Her teacher started having them practice in a studio without the “parent window” so that the kids wouldn’t get distracted and the parents could be surprised later.  It involves flashing lights, though, that I know.

On Friday night, I was getting the girls all tucked into bed and Anjali reminded me of the “Fairy Tea Party” that her preschool was throwing the next day.  (We’ve been getting reminders for a month!)  I asked her if she wanted to be Tinkerbell or Rosetta (Tink’s friend.)  Rosetta is the pink fairy, so I knew what she’d say, but I thought I’d give the option anyway.  “Rosetta!  Because she is pink.”  Typical.  “But I don’t have any Rosetta shoes!  What am I going to do?”  And my motherly heart melted and I promised, “I will get you some Rosetta shoes.”  And I did.  I went to the Disney store and bought pink sparkly Aurora shoes with roses on them (which worked just as well as Rosetta shoes.)  I presented them with much gusto in the morning.  She was absolutely thrilled.  We ran to her dress rehearsal in the morning and on the way home, I stopped by Wal-Mart for some elastic.  When we arrived at home, I then embarked upon one of the worst sewing adventures of my life.  Rosetta’s velcro wings would not stay on the costume so I thought I’d just attach some elastic so the girls could put them around their arms.  An hour later, I was bleeding and my nail beds had been gouged with needles.  (It was a good lesson in “Why You Need a Thimble.”)  The wings were finished. (Darn cardboard.)  I got all of the other kids into bed and Anjali had completed her Rosetta transformation.  As we were walking out the door, I checked the paper from school to verify the address and to my absolute horror, I saw that the party had been thrown the day before.  How could I have missed it???  I am the Scheduling Queen!  I don’t mess up things like this.  And then I thought, rather hysterically, “They’re wrong!  It must have been on Saturday and this invitation was a misprint.  We’ll drive by.”  And of course, no one was at the park.  So, I did the only thing I could think of.  We went on a “Fairy Adventure.”  We went to the mall and built a bear (a princess one, of course,)  walked through the Disney Store, bought a smoothie and pretzel dogs, ate by the “Fairy Fountain,” and threw coins into it, making our very own wishes.  She seemed satisfied until we were on our way home, “Mom, are we going to the Fairy Party now?”  Uh…

There were some good quotes this week.  When we were at Wal-Mart getting diapers and groceries, all three kids were piled into the cart, the girls sitting on boxes of wipes and diapers.  I was really proud of Link, because he was sitting in the front basket all on his own (with baby food and pull-ups on either side of him – hey, we have to get creative.)  A gentleman walked by and with a little chuckle said, “Looks like your cart was full before you got in here!”  Yup.  We scored again because less than a minute later, we nearly cut off an elderly lady moving slowly with her cart as she moseyed out of an aisle.  Anjali proclaimed, “Sorry, Grandma!”  Luckily she didn’t hear that.

Later in the week, Elli had several nasty falls all in one day.  She already had two bruises on her forehead and a goose egg on the back of her head (don’t ask how she does it; I don’t know.)  I heard yet another clunk and ran into the bathroom while the girls were washing up in the tub.  Elli was screaming and I could see a purple lump forming around the corner of her eye.  I calmed her down and held her face in my hands to inspect the damage.  “Oh, great, Elli, now you’re going to have a black eye.”  And with all seriousness and without skipping a single beat, she said, “Like you?”  Whether she was talking about my dark brown irises or my black eyeliner, I’ll never know.

Another Elli quote.  Elli was having a particularly defiant day.  I knelt down by her and earnestly asked, “Elli, where’s my angel gone?” And she sweetly replied, “I’m right here.”  Yes, you are.  You always have been.

Anjali loves her little brother.  I was doing laundry on the bed in Link’s room and he was getting a little whiney because he was due for a nap.  Anjali tried to soothe him from the side of the bed.  She tried climbing up, which of course started toppling piles of laundry.  A little frustrated about the extra work, I asked her to get down.  “But I want to hold him, Mommy.”  Okay.  You won.  I placed her on the bed and she scooped him up in a big hug. “I love him sooo much.”  Oh, my heart bulged out of my chest at that point.

I feel so blessed to have such wonderful, loving children.  We have our bad days, everybody does, and sometimes I just need several moments to myself.  But we’re healthy and we’re happy and we love each other.  And it’s more than what’s on the surface.  It runs to the very centers of our hearts.  For real.